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Scotch stopped scotches got scott aired. Goes down down such a great movie. By the way i went on a date for that movie and we saw it at the at the arc light in hollywood on the big gigantic screen. The the dome dome yes cinerama dome so. I'm in there on a date. It's i ate god. I wish i could remember. That guy's name i'm laughing my ass off and he gets up and walks out of the theater saying i don't think this is funny and i was like i. I don't think we have anything in common. Why are we even on a date. If you don't think anchorman is funny. You're not my type if you haven't seen the godfather or have you come back and watch the godfather yet. Yeah yeah. I've seen those. Oh lindsey hasn't hasn't seen right. Well i mean it's a it's a guy who actually. I talked to paul reiser. Yesterday another great guy movie is Diner one of the great movies of all time. Unbelievable movie unbelievable but very much a guy movie. You don't hear women say hey. I really believe what about that. Alan meanchey question. The wedding is off exactly exactly that way that that movie is fantastic. Hey i came across something inch you know. I love the origins of expressions expressions. Come from so. I wanted to give you one. This is a common one not playing with a full deck. Not playing with a full deck. Everybody knows expression people say. I don't play with the full deck so i'm going to read this Here's where that expression comes from. There was a tax back in the day levied when purchasing player cards playing cards but only applicable to the ace of spades. So you can get a deck of cards but the tax would be paid on the ace of spades. So a lot of people would say. I'm going to save that money. I'm only going to buy fifty one cards. So people who were playing with fifty one cards and refused to pay the tax on the ace of spades were viewed as not playing with a full deck. I've never heard that before. Yeah yeah no. That's absolutely true. Alan you sniff that.

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