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Oh, we we like we had a motor come out from Vermont change the engine back on the road. They'll white one white one. So thank you open. That is as as far as amateur racing events. My name's on the window. That was back when I still was allowed to drive cars now, and again, I just sit behind the camera photo by but one lap is very gnarly. I recommend anyone who is interested in doing amateur motorsports to go to one hard. So here's the thing you up and we're going to keep changing so apologetic on that. It's hard to follow. But so here's I want to do on your one year. I want to get everyone together to go do one. Because I the get over the thing. I didn't like about one lap was that we felt like outsiders like nobody wanted us there because we weren't like that like road race crew. That'd be cool. If like, you Cain come in. Me, and we just reach out to guys like, and we get everybody to go. Just go do just press card with power to we went to power tour. And we brought you know, we ended up bringing fifteen like different of our younger friends with us. And it was like just a coup, and we didn't hang out with anyone else from Howard. What we just did our own thing, you know. And I think doing that for one lap would be a lot of fun about me. And if you do that, we should totally fun. And like it. I like the press card thing, I did it in a press card thirteen I did an x five m in SEM class off the press car like spec challenge would be kinda same press. How will this no performance variants? So we're just out there in like the Corolla stuff like that. Yeah. The cross tech. They something like whatever that car super cross trays the worse car across tracker. Sorry. Sorry, Subaru the sound of a dozen cvt. And it's like a UTV race. So yeah. So he did one lap blue did one lap and like during that process like I just started working more and more with him. And we you know, I had a need and he had a need. My need was was I was launching zero to sixty magazine. And I needed a race car driver who wanted to do fun things because it's actually really rare. Yeah. And like as much shit as people give Ken like, you know, I had this conversation the other day with someone which is like the number one comment like you. You look at go through Gymkhana. Right. You read the comments on one of my favorite comments is he's not a WRC champion we have. But you know with name and WC champion who makes him kinda videos for you for free wash. Like because lobes not doing it. Like, yeah, he's not he knows. He's not like he was never going to be because he didn't start racing to lose thirty seven. He lost that opportunity other WRC jar. That's even kind of fun is Pedder, Saul Petters read. Yeah. Petters rapid still like, but he's not doing that shit is not doing that. And it's like, sure. Could they do it? I'm sure they could. But they're not they're not making them for you every year and putting a ton of work into making these films and doing that and can had that thing where he wanted to go do really really cool stuff. So Gymkhana was actually a magazine story in zero to sixty the head of video component to it. And that was the original video. Yeah. Isn't that? Crazy. It's weird..

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