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We spend time there. And when you're there, you find it easier to switch off from tennis Yeah, it's. It's for sure like she. The other is a lot of things to do specialty, no hiking or with the mountain by Canada. We've we both liked nature so so it's for sure Derived placed to be for us and yeah, we see. Are you going to be when all this covert nightmares over? You're going to be bringing the parents over there. Actually Miki's parents have been there already and my parents not yet, so they definitely WanNa when I come to see the place so Yeah, maybe he ferreting went. Is going wild with the call the end of the season or end of the year. They can. They can join us for a bit nice. Do babysitting for you exactly it's it can be hard to get. The Italian people travel outside of Italy. Sometimes. Yeah, right now for sure. Yeah, right now it's not easy. Especially now especially now, but yeah, the must be exciting, though it is there many Italians over. Over there in Colorado, yes. No No, no actually not. Actually not I mean. I haven't I haven't met one yet. So correcting papers for more like you know like tourists to remote. Tuesday Canadian likes New York or Florida or La's I'm that I think that's. Not Many won't question. We had from one of our listeners was. Are you into deficient at all? There's the between the Dolomites on the rockies. Fishing's meant be really good Yeah, actually I went already. Like more times in Colorado than here have to say. So I say I'm not really into it, but when when a hefty chance sometimes sir. I'm just A. I'm not playing into have some time. I go, but it's not like. That I'm really really into it. Well. Yeah, still learning like I'd like fly fishing in the river so yeah. You know it's a hobby it's. To Learn? And would just go to. We're going to slowly move onto tennis here. You say like Colorado and the APPS. Air Are Dolomites are very hard like too high, so the altitudes. Hi, it's good for fitness when you come down to sea level. Has That helps your fitness because I was doing so? And I'll see I've known. You're always in a big five sadder march over the years. Actually got your win percentage fifty one point two percent in five centres, which is I. Think it's pretty good record, but looking at the also have forty three out of one hundred fifty five matches of your five centers went to five sets, which is pretty crazy. Yeah, we're like I mean. Everybody knows the. deciders I mean especially grants, lands, and always like so I as you said, I had I had manual statman the. And as you said for sure the altitude. Bank can help your fitness. I mean. That's the good ball may be leaving. There are no like for sure you more comfortable lemon. Breathing Specialty, debriefing on sea level and our house where we listen karate's two thousand five hundred meter, so it's even higher so. It's. It's pretty high end and you you really. Do you really feel that at eleven feel just long's just breed freer especially at the beginning I mean. Of course. It's stiff, it's. When you go for high altitude too low you can adopt quickly tennis I mean I just need a couple of days, and that's fine, but we debris leading i. I feel it. I I have for for a couple of weeks for sure some Bull News. Let's say and But the difficult thing is the opposite from you know. The low is the to go to highlight hustle play you need. Much more time always like let's say a week or something to really adopt to death and the breathing, and so so yeah. Hi, let's take. Advantage, you know for sure for fitness and. Especially now in thirty six. You have to be to fit to fit to compete with a young young players. Truly he'd any advantage you can get you got has trained.

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