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Take on precedent tips to increase enforcement to curb, it regular migration to include the deployment of his machinate guard throughout Mexico, even priority to it Saudi border. The State Department says asylum seekers will be immediately returned to Mexico to wait for US courts to process, their applications. Both countries of agreed to take further steps if the current measures to stem migration to the US fail. President Trump says, NASA. Should not be talking about returning US astronauts to the moon NPR's Jeff Brumfield reports that Trump's tweet comes as NASA awards, hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts to do just that NASA Sluiter in bishops really got going earlier this year in March vice President Mike Pence made a big announcement. The first woman and the next man on the moon will both be American astronaut and said, the return would come in five years critic, said that scheduled with unrealistic, nevertheless, NASA has been pushing ahead late last month at awarded contracts for peace of a new space station to orbit, the moon and for robotic Landers in his tweet Trump seemed to say the lunar emphasis was misguided quote. We did that fifty years ago. He said, the president tweeted that instead NASA should focus on defense science and the planet Mars Jeff from 'field, NPR news, Washington. The university of Alabama is returning. A record multi-million dollar contribution because the donor advocates a boycott over the state's new abortion van NPR's, Debbie Elliott has the story. The university of Alabama board of trustees voted to return twenty six point five million dollars to Hugh Culverhouse junior of Florida investor and lawyer is name will also be stripped from the law school Culverhouse callin students around the country to boycott the campus after the state banned most abortions at any stage of pregnancy with no exceptions for cases of rape, or incest. Some sixty percent of Alabama students are from out of state university officials say the school had nothing to do with the abortion law, and that there was an ongoing dispute with Culverhouse over how his donation would be used Debbie Elliott NPR news on Wall Street, stocks closed higher after the Labor Department released its jobs report for the month of may. The Dow Jones industrials gained two hundred sixty three points. This is NPR news. Attorneys for former Minneapolis police officer Mohammad, Noor say they are not done fighting for him, nor was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison for the two thousand seventeen killing of an unarmed woman. He has ninety days to appeal Thirty-three-year-old. Justin, Bruce check Damon had called nine one about nine one, one about a possible crime outside of her home, nor was fired after the shooting, the women's World Cup, kicked off in Paris Friday, with a match between France and South Korea as NPR's Laura Walmsley reports the French team, never slowed down as it began its quest for the Cup, even before the first touch of the ball, the atmosphere and the stadium was electric with forty five thousand fans belting out Lamar says, and cheering on Leib live as the French team is known. It's dominated possession and fired shot after shot at the South Korean goal. France scored just nine minutes into the game and it was a towering wandering are who stole the show at parked at prince with two headers into the goal in the first half the final score was four nil. Over South Korea. Expectations for France are high in the tournament as both the host nation, and as the reigning champs at last summer's men's World Cup the US plays its first match on Tuesday against Thailand, laurel, Walmsley, NPR news, Paris, Brexit. Got the better of British Prime Minister Theresa may who has formerly step down as leader of the conservative party maze. Three years at the helm started after Britain voted to leave the European Union, her mission was about to bring Brexit, but she failed to do so her successor as prime minister is expected to be named July. I'm Shay Stevens NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include.

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