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And delay Ready morning January 7th 2022 Graphic and weather are on the 8th and when it breaks Good morning to rich hunter in the WTO P traffic center Good morning dean will start off in Virginia again 95 starting to see some snowfall as especially a pretty good clip up in dumfries and Dale City through woodbridge but again 95 is just wet currently they did a lot of pretreating late last night So again no worries there One of our one of our listeners who's a professional asked me to ask to ask our listeners to take it easy out there if you have to be out in this stuff It's not that bad Just take a deep breath relax and go where you need to go so take it easy out there tonight as you're traveling Good news on 95 is the express lanes already opened the northbound traffic they did to turn around a little bit earlier than they normally do so you now have the express signs available to northbound travelers three 95 mainline and the express lanes look good and boat directions between the bellway and the 14th street bridge So far as to get along the George Washington Parkway again 66 inside and outside the way for now just wet pavement No major issues in your way but keep mine as you go off the interstates That's where you have to be a little wary Even on some of the major roadways like U.S. one also U.S. 50 and loud and county starting to see some snow cover out there So just take it easy wherever you have to go but it's best if you can stay off the roadways and let the crews do their work this morning Rich hundred W two traffic Live now we are with storm team four meteorologist the prince of valley tracking the white stuff for us this early morning You got it dean coming in from the west finally arriving in the D.C. metro area the close in suburbs after a very slow start because of all the dry air that dry air is beginning to get eaten alive now by this storm pushing in So I do expect steady snow to continue here for the next few hours through about four in the morning maybe 5 in the morning and a few spots before quickly departing Accumulations for most two to four inches Lightest amounts south and east to D.C. Maybe an inch or two and portions of southern Maryland around two inches three inches in the district but highest amounts in the far northern western suburbs In fact winter storm warnings posted in places like Frederick Hancock boonsboro and Steven city where perhaps three to 6 inches of snow could accumulate there and already we got over four inches in martinsburg West Virginia So the farther northwest you live the heaviest snow the farther south and east you are the lighter amounts of snow Regardless take it slow take it safe use good common sense who want everyone to have a very safe comfortable Friday We'll get through all this Friends overnight Temperatures into the mid 20s two right around 30° with the snow continuing until about four or 5 in the morning then clearing blustering cold as we head towards daybreak temperatures will only hit the low to mid 30s and winds will make it feel like the teens on your Friday So dress warmly and watch for blowing snow Saudis mostly sunny and cold mid 30s near 40 though on Sunday but here's the deal with Sunday Early in the morning we start off with some ice freezing rain and sleet and then it turns over to a plain old rain storm So we're concerned with Sunday's morning drive maybe some ice and spots So keep it locked to WTP for the latest on that Monday Sun and clouds blustery cold mid 30s It is in the mid 30s right now to lower 30s 32 in St. Charles 33 in Arlington with some snowflakes 32 in Bethesda Dee All right thanks Steve as always News of the day straight to your inbox.

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