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Money news. Here's Jeff claw. Tough talk from the fed about unusually large rate hikes hurting households and businesses for some time sent the Dow down. 1008 points of 3% loss, the S&P 500 Index loss, three and a third percent today the NASDAQ finished the day down 498 points. That was almost 4%. Inflation may be easing the fed's preferred measure, the personal consumption expenditure index shows annual inflation of 6.3% in July down from 6.8% in June. Alexandria based Burke and Herbert bank has opened a commercial lending office in Bethesda. It's its first presence in Maryland. It is open several new branches recently in a long-term expansion plan, Burke and Herbert bank is one of the oldest banks in the country. It was founded in 1852. Jeff claiborne, WTO news. All right, stay with us here on double DT. More on the market plunge and the Justice Department releases that heavily redacted version of the affidavit outlining the reasons for the FBI search of former president Trump's Florida home. It's 5 56. The Dell Technologies Labor Day event is here up to 48% off vostro laptops with 12th gen Intel core processors, upgrade by calling 8 7 7, ask Dell. Progressive presents don't do it yourself. Okay, fix the water heater. Easy peasy. Oh yeah? So you know how to secure this gift joint? Yeah. Detach the steam pump. It takes two seconds. And fasten the doable to the pressure tube. Yeah, I'm a dad Tommy how to do that. Oh, that's interesting, because I made all those things up. Look, we should just bundle our

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