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The reports I'm getting or ten at about Winnie. there is water coming over the highway and it is flowing about a foot deep all and it appears to be still coming down pretty hard. just watched a video of with better Ginsburg in New York City last night being honored at the Yale club. the the words are called the moments for moment magazine is there literally holding her up. and then they. the proper all I can think is. the entire nation is watching this woman. and whether she lives or dies day by day and this is not how our Republic is supposed to work. there is not supposed to be. a member of the Supreme Court and their health serving in a position for life should not keep the Republic hanging in the balance. but politics and government has become so powerful. to some people. and they desired to be so much more. the the only thing anybody cares about. is our government. in the branches of it. that's not how it was supposed to work. the government should be something we rarely think about. it should be something that we even more rarely need to think about. but quite the opposite. I'll like usually use the government to abuse you you don't like me so you can use the government to abuse me it's not how it's supposed to work Rick you're up go ahead Sir. back well lance and did some cool things because we went to the Dave the museum David do worse built honors dad but we went to to call museum. this car museum of ever seen in my life was in France. there was already in in India. is it not he wasn't the one with all the Bugatti's no direction of March okay better in the second this one is forty thousand square feet I'm told Walmart to that well have a car. and it was really cool I mean responded you can help the poor and then the body is in the mall and it was pretty darn good at hand well did you saw the actual winners of some of the races like what along with like twenty fifteen to twenty something and I had sprayed it with lacquer composer of the dirt and grit. and really cool and then we went to the racetrack no it's a mad mile racetrack most of which is through the city streets and so did you you know when the stands at all that you see that and then when we drove the rest of it and of course went for a walk from where the gravelly edge and put them all in the duct tape all one bad so maybe we can see it when they show it but I mean both it took us three hours for the first one and four hours for the mall and it was really really cool. all right enough I've been to I have not been to the one in the mall I have been to the one in outside of Paris small house I think it's it is it's the two brothers that had all the the Bugatti's they were industry Titans they had a manufacturing business and they ended up collecting it I think it's the largest collection of Bugatti's in the world and.

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