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Are no signs of slowing down another rise in Georgia's covid cases. Numbers have tripled since the beginning of this month levels now, at an average that we have not seen since late April. More than 1400 cases reported across the state yesterday. Keep in mind that Georgia's vaccination rate remains fairly low compared to the rest of the country. Sitting at just 45% of residents who are eligible to get vaccines. They are those who are 12 and up. It's really too early to know for sure what the long term impact of the pandemic might be on the cost of life and health insurance policies. Any emails I hadn't seen for many companies I represent, you know, multiple companies, multiple carriers, and I hadn't seen any anything about the vaccine being being an issue. Columbus Life Insurance agent Rusty Roads telling W S A. V If there is a recurring covid season, though, that could push the cost of life insurance higher. Jim Beck could convicted Thursday on all 37 fraud charges filed against him. The now convicted Georgia insurance commissioner will be allowed to stay home while he awaits sentencing, which is expected in October. He had been suspended, have been called the suspended insurance commissioner. Now he is the former insurance commissioner and John King, who was appointed to take his post after he was indicted. Is now considered the interim insurance commissioner. One person killed in a shooting in south recite County last evening shooting late yesterday evening that left one victim dead, has investigators searching for answers as to what happened. The shooting occurred in the three Chimneys Farms subdivision off Windermere Parkway. Officials were quick to let the community notes that there was no danger to the public, and it wasn't long. After that. They said a suspect was in custody. Investigators were on scene for many Hours and more details will come as the story evolves for access. Wdun. I'm Kimberly Sizemore. Wdun news time just after 604 Georges Cannabis Commission set to announce those who will be awarded the state's marijuana licenses that's coming up tomorrow to access to Medical Cannabis Commission will reveal the names of the six applicants out of some 70 that applied At a public hearing in Walker County, according to the Rome News Tribune. The winners will grow the marijuana, make the cannabis oil and sell it to eligible patients, and it can't happen soon enough. The state legalized THC oil and products for people with certain illnesses in 2015, but provided no way for them to access it in Georgia. It's still expected to take another year before the new state supervised grow. Operations are up and running. That's G N ens Shelby Lynne Erdmann and a man with a familiar last name and Georgia politics entering the race for Lieutenant governor. Brian Miller is the grandson of former governor Zell Miller. He tells the Atlanta newspaper he wants to bolster the Hope scholarship program that his grandfather created almost three decades ago. Brian Miller becomes the fourth Democrat to declare. Also on the political front yesterday, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, saying he will not make a run for the U. S Senate seat. Now held by Raphael Warnock. There's more news that access Wdun when I heard this story yesterday, and somebody said, you know a man with a familiar last name of Miller, I thought Well, yeah, Butch Miller Miller. So we've got to Miller's in the race, one on each side of the fence there, so right, And, um, four Democrats have already declared as we mentioned, And so it seems like that Lieutenant governor's race might be kind of a hot little race in Georgia. It's really getting a lot of attention. A lot of folks trying to decide whether to get in or not, and a lot of folks jumping into that water for sure. Yep, that one in the in the Senate race, and and that's kind of interesting. Usually we don't say Well, this person is not running, but they're you know, David Ralston's name had been kind of tossed around. I think it actually mentioned and hinted that he might be right. Maybe he was just I don't know how these people do this. I guess he was just testing the waters. Maybe And, um, so see what stick didn't stick. So Yeah, which might also mean I couldn't raise enough money to do that. Well, that's an expensive race to run. Right There. It is, And we talked last week about Raphael War. Not Of course, he's unopposed. I think, um, the Democratic party is certainly behind him. But I think he raised 77 million a little over $7 million in the in the first quarter or the second quarter. Pardon me, so he's raising some money. And we're still over a year away. I know. Oh, Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Every year. I'm like, Maybe I could just go on vacation during election season. But then it's the entire Year. That's true. Yeah, never before second year off, never end 24 7, by the way for any of those folks involved with this particular political parties, and you're wondering what to do with all that money, you put the war chest. Uh, it's w d u N and you can log on to access WD one dot com and you can find her email address. So just check in with sales at Jake's media dot net because that's right. The only part of political season. I like it, which most other people don't, but it's uh Certainly keeps the lights on things afloat. Yes, it does forecast on the way we gotta warm when we're gonna get some of that money to keep the air conditioner on today because it's going to heat on up there, and the weekend is going to be a steamy one as well. We'll check that. And your drive update brought you in part by the Norton.

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