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Never been closed and must be compensated. I think anything less than one hundred billion would be an insult, politics, policy and decide of pop culture, the takeout with me major Garrett. Sunday morning on CBS. Good morning. What's now all you need to know AM seven sixty K. And. Sandiego. This is CBS news on the hour real news. Real reporting Michigan, President Trump is preparing to kick off his reelection campaign at a rally in Orlando Tuesday. But tonight there is changed brewing. CBS news correspondent Tom Foty has the story, doodoo numbers. The president did not like and media leaks. He liked even less CBS news confirms the Trump twenty twenty reelection campaign has fired several of its own pollsters, this other polls show, Mr. Trump trailing Democrats in some key battleground states, what this shows right now is that Trump is not doing particularly well for a combination of reasons most having to do with him. He certainly can't blame it on the economy. But this tells us nothing about what will happen in November twenty twenty political analyst, Larry Sabato of UVA. Tom Foty, CBS news, Washington. The latest from Hong Kong, democracy, activist Joshua Wong has been freed from prison after spending a month in jail. The streets are quieter now. Now, certainly compared to Sunday's protests with an estimated two million people CBS news, Asia, correspondent Rami and Asencio was there. Consume by anger and clad in black. A crush of protesters marched through Hong Kong again today denouncing the government and by extension Beijing. There furious.

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