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At the grand prairie airport more than a dozen planes damaged. We start our team coverage with KRLD's, Kristen Wasilla joins us live with the very latest. Kristen. And Mitch just after speaking with an airport official a few moments ago, I've learned that he believes it was closer to forty planes that were damaged as a result of this morning storms. As official also tells me that winds here at grand prairie airport actually clocked in at over one hundred miles an hour, and that also left eight rose worth of hangers with their doors blown in again as a result of these high winds, these planes still scattered kind of on the tarmac some have damage to wings entail. Some have flipped upside down. And I'm told that the goal now is to get all of these planes out of the open into a more secure area, just before any more chances of weather arrives. And I'm told of course, it's still other cleanup still a very touchy situation as these planes. Do have fuel in them still so clean up crews being very very careful as they move them. And then also just some light exterior damage Acura at the airport is some gutters pulled off. Buildings from these storms us and fences blown over as well. So again, yes, quite a lot to get cleaned up over here. All right. Thank you, Kristin and a DFW airport damage to some jet, bridges terminals, b and d means delays and cancellation joining us live with that part of the report gay all these Allen sky, Alan. DFW they're getting back on schedule. But they say because that damage to the Jeff bridges that still going to cause some delays as the day goes on the FAA had a ground. Stop in place at DFW won the storms blew through this morning and the FAA actually had some damage of its own. They say some radio transmitting equipment was damaged on the northeast part of the airport, but the backup systems kicked in. So everything was still working the way it should across the street from the FAA's facility is a shipping center for Amazon Amazon is not talking about the extent of the damage there. But part of the roof blew off and want wet underneath the cars that were parked in the lot.

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