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You used to be anymore and mickey callaway new skipper for the team after replacing you know terry collins who had been there such a long time it seems like each and every day we're getting something different out of mickey callaway on whereas team is at you know i think that overall when he struggles the balls just up a little bit and he is missing that sink that makes him a really good pitcher so you know when he gets the ball up they're getting hits you know the kind of singled him to death and then the walk and it just didn't quite get the ball where he wanted to also the mets lose to the appearance ritz they've now lost back to back games both of them by payer franz air at city field and i mean it's not like pittsburgh you know lights the world on fire anywhere so when you look at a pittsburgh team this is a team that's below five hundred but the mets now i mean fourteen games below five hundred after being ten games above five hundred if you do the math on that you're talking about dropping twenty four straight if you will eight five five three two three four nbc is the number but you look at his drubel cabrera i mean here's a guy who's in the hardy your order here he is a second baseman you know a hell of a hitter but wilmer floor as and the mets have some talent there but but who's the big guy who's giving you your pop i mean todd frazier he's on the down slope of his career you know built his name with the reds and the white sox and goes to the yankees and just you know crosses over the river frazier's hitting to seventeen on the are like a devon maserati go but it seems to me like some talents on this roster but maybe as a bi level area look the mets are based on pitching we know that wasn't just a few years ago that we were talking about them being the next solid awesome rotation you have the dark nights and what matt harvey was able to do harvey's not even with the team anymore harvey and noah syndergaard thor right without those long blond locks flowing that he has aaron jacob degrom that's that's a that's a talented trio that you have you got zack wheeler when he came over from the giants i believe that was when they rented a player and tried to get carlos beltran for the stretch run you never panned out in san francisco later went on to win a world series and we saw him on his way out with the astros last year mere shell of himself but still was able to get a dump but the giants gave up a very talented prospect in zack wheeler so it's been about the pitching for the mets and that back into the bullpen when you look at swore zach when you look at a familiar as well but familiar i mean didn't get anybody out he gave up four runs all of them earned on three base hits as well how does he already move up to three and a half which is where you'd like to see a starter if you talk to pitching coaches they'll say look give me an er of four or less and i'm ecstatic with that because how good these hitters are in the day and age we live in with major league baseball that's that's really about all you can expect but out of the bullpen you'd expect a little bit better simply because they don't rack up as many innings but wheeler there is a fine and capable starting pitcher as well but there is some talent throughout the course of this roster and jay bruce who has had some issues you know playing and delivering this year for the mets after signing that deal coming over you was excited like everybody is in march and april and especially the way the season starts out in april and jerry seinfeld's go into the games we're told getting excited falling in love with his mets again and then here we are and that's right now just just a disaster to be able to watch in this certainly a team that doesn't need the off the field news with sandy alderson but certainly again we're thinking of sandy alderson our thoughts are are going out to him eight five five three two three four nbc but he has taken a leave of absence from the team citing health reasons but it's mostly including the recurring bout with cancer and of.

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