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All this hard work in practice that i was an outright retterer happened sue practice was no problem but games were different every time she tried to dunk in the game they would grab holdovers short sore pogue of her so she couldn't dunk let's do it back for a minute and understand why at this point in women's basketball no one had ever dunked first of all the wba didn't exist yet in wouldn't for almost another fifteen years but even college bob which had been around for a while it was still developing in fact this was a critical moment because title nine had passed about a decade earlier though title line slaves that uh any educational institution that receives federal funding is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of sex is a cheryl cookie and associate professor of american studies at produced in practice the new tunnel nine law requires public schools have proportional funding for athletics so for example if you've sixty percent girls and your school girls receive 60 percent of funding as a result girl started playing more sports after the law passed when you have more girls more women playing a score and more access there's a you know an increased talent pool and the level of of competition is raised as a result i think it also ops shifted the cultural expectations around what girls and women were capable of george tan was part of that very first generation of girls who had increased access to playing sports.

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