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And miserable for months, he doesn't drink. It is into spirituality. She wants to go out the news, the model in their daughter, moved out of the mansion in LA that she shared with the actor in related news lady guys moving just pull them. Her stuff, I wouldn't doubt it finally go to the club and don't have to sit here and meditate all night. That would be hard, if you were ended drinking and partying, and all that stuff in your with somebody who just flat doesn't do it. It would be in debt are really. He's into it, and she's not. No. He's sober. Is very into one. Okay. As long as the person that is so Bor doesn't guilt trip to person that likes to drink. Then then I think it can work but it's very rare that, that happens for each sober person. Some people just can't be around it or they're tempted sensitive about it. She's probably like to drink pleased during. Wine better, and better things happen. When you've been drinking. The Camelback full of wide all day. It'd be like, what? Tippet the bag I love playing slap the bag as a little more sensitive drink at all. He sober completely people in fact his role in a stars born even more now. Oh, was hammer. He was like, man. Hammered bent through it. He knows how he used to be Holly. Yeah. But apparently, she does something she wants to go out according to story. Yeah arena, shakes, so she's not sober then or is she wants to not be sober anymore? Oh, he is. Brad. Both sober. I, I thought you dad to different people. Oh. I wanna get with a renewed. Ted camp because sober arena. Alexa, party Bradley Cooper daddy, what's your mom and Bradley Cooper this what's going on this whole time? Yeah wouldn't surprise me. Sneak up stairs when suppressed. No. Block your. Want some? Yeah. I'm not a Seiko. Stepparent..

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