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Is like a day without sunshine, Professor. Good afternoon. Good evening. How are you, sir? I'm doing great. But I gotta tell you, you got the best music. I love that song. Yeah, that's a great tune that's actually done by 100 different Chicago musicians, actors. Actress's celebrities, and they just put it up today to raise money for artists here in the city who aren't working because of Cove it and it's a terrific It's interesting to watch. It can hurt your eyes at times because there's so many contributors, but whoever produced this thing did a marvelous job and hopefully it raises some money. What a good purpose. It is looking at your column that I saw earlier this week. I want to hit on two major points today and I read. Write from it. We'll jump off this paragraph first. Most Americans think our nation's history and aspirations are good, sometimes noble, sometimes flawed, but not rotten to the core. We recognize our cruelty is such a slavery and Jim Crow. We want them taut. Not glossed over. But we do not think our republic was founded to perpetuate those cruelties. A lot of people now want to snc erase history. Well, I think a smarter way to go on. I'd like you to elaborate on this is to embrace it realized what was right. What was wrong and try to improve it as we go forward. Couldn't agree more. Um I was raised in Mississippi. During of, uh Last days of Jim Crow. But while I was in high school, there were all the huge fights over the civil rights bills and so forth. So, uh, these are issues that I thought about for a very long time that I remember a trip old miss, which I took a few years ago and near the center of the campus. It was always a statue of a Confederate soldier who represented of students who had gone from old miss, which you've probably been for 10 or 15 years before the civil war, and it's going off to fight for the Confederacy. And what struck me about the statue. When I When I went back to see it, John was that there was now a plaque beside it. That explained the, uh the problem of slavery and fighting for the Confederacy and so forth and even Mohr important, I would say. On the, uh, not too far away. There was a wonderful statue of James MEREDITH, who had desegregated the university personal risk and celebrating that, And I thought that the juxtaposition of the two with something that every student at old Miss could learn from. That is so I love that story, and I want to elaborate on that just a little bit because I re read Frederick Douglass's speech from 18 76. At the dedication of the Lincoln Emancipation. Monument, which now people want taken down, and he said that I don't like the look of it, but I'm paraphrasing, obviously, But he said, I would like to have the rest of the story told with additional monuments that being said now to another, Douglas What do you make of the University of Chicago, eliminating the plaque, and I think one other Recognition of our former senator Stephen Douglas, here in Illinois. Um, I saw that, Uh, people should know what the story is. There was a plaque in one of the university buildings at a stone. There was a university called the University of Chicago. Not related to the current university that existed at an earlier time and it had gone bankrupt or going out of business. For some reason it ended. And in for 20 or 30 years, there was no university and then a new one was formed using the same day and the old one had connections. They were not very direct. But there were some connections to people who were involved with it, who had family who owned slaves, and I think the university has is sensitive to being Accused of, uh, any of the fall of another university with which it really had no connection. Yeah, I get that. I see. I see that is different. It is I. There's a distinction there. You know, you're not trying to raise history. I admire your president because I believe he's the man that wrote, and there's a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful piece about we do not believe in safe spaces at the universe. Chicago If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Because we're going to discuss everything openly here of the universe. Chicago side Meyer that been very actively involved in that that a few that I think not only our democracy depends on but that's the way our justice system works. Remember, the prosecution presents a case, but you get to present your own case. Ah, two opposed of right and then a jury listens to it in listen to both sides. Sometimes they're more than two. But at least our system depends on a confrontation. If you were to go to your to the justice system in Continental Europe find justice system is based on Roman law. The judge decides everything, and it's not given up to a jury of your peers. So I think that there's a kind of Deep since in the Anglo Saxon tradition, and in our democracy that we're just better off if you can hear all kinds of arguments that casino Make a direct personal threat to injure you doesn't mean that can use a bullhorn next to your house to a butt with with those kind of reasonable restraints. We're just better off having a brisk discussion, and now we're being prevented from having it by people shaming us by My mom action oligarchs, ruling out the possibility of discussing things that they don't like. It's terrible. Well, I'm glad to have you home. I'm sure we'll discuss this again. Charles Lipson is a Professor down, John, Are you shutting? I am I am is I must call over my golf game. I'ma save time at the end of the show over my golf game, So I gotta give you bums Rush. I'm sorry. I'm going to give you a double bogey, my friend. Mr Lipson. Thank you very much for the years. Chicago. By the way, Stephanie who used to work with Milt at extension 7 20 wants to send her best. And I remember hearing you with milk. Rosenberg. Two of those are great shows way, Ms. 00 milled at his memorial, John. When I got up to speak, and I said, and now we're back. That's so good. Yeah, I miss until you see there were two guys on Chicago radio that I have. I truly really missed to this day. Milt Rosenberg and Dick Buckley. Kind of different sides. Different sides of the same coin, But they're both so good. Oh, yeah, Charles. Thank you, sir. Have a good weekend. Wash your hands. Thank you coming up next because I promised not only would I gloat, but he could blow because he beat me by six strokes. The inside scoop on our match Today our blood match our blood money match at the golf course and also China will have to discuss a couple concerns regarding your behavior. Okay, if you want to come back, let's talk about it. Next on Double D. L s even looks.

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