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Of the records of these ancient civilizations in the legend of these of that a possessed by the Vatican as well as the artifact so that the Vatican has a lot of the I mean shouldn't the mice in a lot of our affection so they're very interested in the stories about exit test will visit the and these periodic inclusion of exceptional into at all region of space and and hello you you would actually have these cataclysmic turn of events at the end of every cycle of the Vatican has been very interested in that and so because we broaching the end of the cycle the Vatican observatory to think that you know one of the major functions is to look for telltale sign that we about to experience sudden a sudden shift a major cataclysmic set of events that wouldn't be earth changes that could be some kind of ascension event of something fundamentally transforming the for a little can lead a night go by without you talking about Alex collier yes Alex no good friend money from the many years he is someone who says that he was in contact with Andromeda in extraterrestrials and he said that VM drum buttons when like a sublease communications with him he said that they could make contact because in the future three hundred and fifty years into our future a global collective tourney hold and that when they traced the origin of that collective duty it came back to this time and they traced it back to the moon and my three planetary objects in some way connected with the genesis of the galactic tourney that spreads out throughout our galaxy and so the indominus came back in time to basically change that and and one of Alex's job with the basically reveal what was happening on planet earth you could just please make it.

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