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Right but if the guy come through why dopey hitomi makes that of the further up if he doesn't fight he corusheld them are sitting there arlen impose but you threaten with one action that already eight forced the defense to react to it what does that do that means that oh what's the next action it's not just going to go to the mark they might do something else for fully of this ball into the mark in the second thing is it calls mental exertion rain late in the game players the tariff you just exert than even for four or five seconds before you that come a no brainer action just sit both simple simple stuff not too hard to do what's uh youth the raptors can figure that out uh steve washington wizards win in the first three games philadelphia the tree would were the losses at the lakers that was a disappointing loss for sure but east coast you playing on the west coast kind of a challenge and then elicits call it a combo act of game the with washington the few uh interesting things happen bear three mind green uh got uh take gold up a bravely bill bradley bills the aggressor a quick fought on that that was bradley bill trying to be savvy street already had a technical wealthiest tried to draw one of those kinda lisi referee hogwarts up double technical during months taught the brady bill solely gave the bitten quite work out how they wanted to but i think he was we call him savvy hero forward he was being savvy that they looked awful but that was bradley beal being savvy trying to get threemonth also fortunately for him he got so toss as well 11th an officer reading 13th at the put the really well like the most one to watch as he plays john walls assertiveness you might say well he's always us her but he's asserting himself in a different way lear text thing about this being greg you caught interaction he'd stuff head of the eib eighty one of the scrape it requires a vase watching that game john wall obvious has a big physical on point guard and he's backing steph down into the post and steph cana hits the floor it was one almost like a lebrun type play where lebron so big and strong you could.

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