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On the road or or maybe traveling to the airport or what do you think is better i guess probably depends on where you're going listen it is road trip season i think when people think of july fourth day think of i hit my road on getting out there so i would say if you got a road trip planned you're going to be on the road with a lot of people about what he really nationwide if you don't have plan maybe maybe plan your road trip triple your next one in the off season yeah this seems like normally a travel holiday on the roads this year though more so i would say at the airport because what folks are taking it off next week aren't they because of the mid week holiday cooking unique for this year i off air fares are down so people are saying oh well fly beyond that cuts on a wednesday people are saying all right i'm gonna take the whole week off and then tack on a couple of extra days on either end so you might have just gone up to the bums july fourth on monday mid week and people are taking the whole week up there being a little bit more adventurous in the travel schuyler what is going to be the busiest day of this week coming up for travel yeah and we're going to see a lot of traffic throughout travel period in the denver metro area because we eat we set at the crossroads of i twenty five and i seventy i would say though the worst of it it's going to be on tuesday evening the evening of tuesday july third you're going to get commuters who itching to get off work at home the people who are really independence day trowel so tuesday's when looking house the most delays i would say all right gas prices going to cooperate or not so much know i think you're probably going to spike a little bit demands going up just weekend but down with trenton gas prices i think the high with memorial day and neighborhood it's it's lowered still sixty cents a year ago a major hit on her wallet even if you wrote slipping cross the country great that's going to help the travel budget thank you so much triple schuyler mckinley thanks guys six twenty five money news as we that we haven't quite gotten to where it's dr amazon telling you to turn your head and cough but we seem headed that way amazon is buying a medication delivery startup called pill pack for just under one billion dollars in a move that signals amazon's ready to get into the pharmacy industry pill pack makes user.

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