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ABC news I'm Richard cancer to a new law going into effect in California Wednesday might eventually improve privacy for all Americans the California consumer privacy act will require contract companies to disclose to consumers upon their demand what personal data is collected and why and who else it shared with Haley took a Yamaha of the electronic freedom foundation on possible effects it could be that you don't get quite so many you know pieces of junk mail from people who bought your information from other people it might be that adds don't follow you around it really is going to be lots of little ways that defend your privacy and since the law applies to any company meeting the threshold for interacting with California residents the law might become a de facto national standard in the wake of Saturday night's machete attack on a Hanukkah party in a New York City suburb investigators are trying to determine if the accused Grafton Thomas is connected to the unsolved stabbing in November of a rabbi in that same summer Thomas attorney Michael Sussman says his client is mentally ill I hope that both sides can agree on a time period for the evaluation of this gentleman so that his free psychiatric nature can be discerned and that we can proceed accordingly the stalemate over witnesses of president trump's eventual impeachment trial continues Senate minority leader Charles Schumer promising to force votes on each request for witnesses and additional documents so far neither senator McConnell nor any Republican senator has articulated a single good reason why the trial shouldn't have these witnesses are documents president trump has been given a reason gear mall Maldonado pastor of Miami's king Jesus international ministry make a church that has many undocumented members and is hosting a campaign rally for president from Friday the pastor somehow guaranteeing the parishioners to enter the US illegally will not risk deportation by attending Friday's rally for the president you're listening to ABC news radio eight forty WHAS your new now the city of local will get a village of about twenty five tiny homes meant to house homeless veterans as they undergo a twelve month support program.

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