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On now save up to a $1000 on select Ashley sleep beauty rest Seeley and groove mattresses at Ashley home store I'm Jo comment WTF traffic Now to storm team four meteorologists Michelle Grossman It's another frigid day we're looking at temperatures staying put below freezing in many spots today despite all that sunshine although the winds are going to be lighter so it's not going to feel quite as bad as it did yesterday Tonight some clouds cold lows and low 20s and that cold air is going to set the stage for some possible wintry weather early on Sunday in the form of freezing rain and that would be mainly confined to our northern areas Otherwise it's a cold rain for the rest of us Highs in the mid 40s Monday we dry it out mostly sunny breezy and cold wind chills in the 20s And we'll see highs right around 39° Tuesday is another bitter blast with really windy conditions We'll see windchill sing put in the teens all day long Winds gusting over 20 mph at times highs in the mid to upper 20s I'm storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Checking area temperature is everybody pretty much in the low 30s It's 32° in Reston 31 in Arlington 32 in Bethesda and 32 in woodbridge at three 30 This is W TOP Your source for today's top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO P never miss a moment Good afternoon I'm sandy kozel Acacia James is our producer coming up the Supreme Court is skeptical of the Biden administration's workplace vaccine rule Virginia's incoming governor will bring new legal challenges to COVID vaccine mandates on Nikon Ellie There's a risk of sleet and freezing rain early Sunday morning Three 31 CBS News.

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