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Me get to your calls robert robert in west virginia robert things rewarding high oh hey mr olli very well thank you sir that is always a brief comment flourish i liked the college football best uh when i was younger i like to pull a because i want to see the best athletes in all that but uh it only got bored with it because you see him was so long and i feel like the playoffs in the super bowl but uh go you games maggie yeah i i know i gotta watch more sooner is every week or no gay will in the same gone through on june four you're you're okay a good thing i want a doubt uh you really got me we've heard what it pregnant say uh what he had to say in a noisy you can if they can you give food be should've dirt bagger the bum bum out of order any age but what we really got me uh uh what i heard you make your way about the sportscasters buddy ryan talked about how he had voted for trump and he was all it it may add batted in healthcare you buy a joe didn't really have to get you really see what i thought he should have fit all worried about their job little on air with their position but the thing he really got me the president bush often about previous age and he's talking about the way you protein fish and he faded disrespectful to taken me but during the national anthem and that's what really got me what they had a hijacked it may twisted it in an into something l did not world they they do that every day on everything he says um you know how did he say this failure was the uh you know was that uh what was his inflection like i mean you can over feeling anything yeah would you know what i mean i can understand the news media the liberal news media doing it but what i don't understand it when players in sports kick you who need better than that and really what get the.

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