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Your father was a cameraman carbonate show. He was Carol Burnett Sonny and share and Campbell, you and I probably ran into each other. Yeah. You know, I was thinking back to that. And there are some kids that I did meet we were running around in wardrobe from time to time and it was probably like you and your sister. I think I talked to Kelly about that. And you guys. Yeah, that's pretty cool. What a connection. But he, he didn't work just only cover natural. He's also on sunny shared. Yes. And then they had three's company come in after Sonny and Cher knows a hot studio hot hot high. And now they've sold that studio. I think it's all coming down, which will be, you know, so, so such a loss. Yeah, that really will be. I mean that is, that's a landmark Angeles landmark did your dad, ever taken that little cafeteria down the hall man burgers in the world, there, we would go over to farmers market. Yes. And also there is this, this great deli. Right down the road on Fairfax that we would go kanter's. Yes. Yes. Yes. We have the same childhood big dog with you with you. All right. Thank you Angel Martinez. There. She goes are. Let's take some phone calls here. Let's talk to MC MC in Thousand Oaks on KFI. Jimmy conway. Students kid. Yeah, one of them. That's pretty cool. Man. I. My sister had worked together a couple of times, and the biggest fan of your dad because you dad is the only guy in LA would come on and actually talk about hockey because he was a fan. Yeah. He was a fanny also claimed to be a goalie. One time wasn't. Oh, yeah. He played hockey. He was still playing hockey in his fifties. Wow. With the celebrity hockey team with John Barbour, you know. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. John abors. I've played on the team with them a few times. That's classic man. And you know, you know, I was worked as a prop prophecy through with your dad. Oh, yeah. I can't tell you to me, how sad, I am about the loss of your father. But I must say I never had so much fun in my life time I spent working on those shows with him. Yeah. And, and he always, you know, he was a below the kind below the line kind of guy where most if not all of his friends were guys that worked on props electric to the cameraman. I can remember maybe two or three times my life where we had celebrities in the house. It was always just, you know, guys on the crew. Absolutely. You're the same way. I mean when you on stage I remember you'd longer over the prop department hang out with us. Because that's, that's where all the booze was, too. That's right. I was professional. Archer. Age. Joe Hamilton who you spoke very fondly of recently. Oh Joe's the best. It was the best, you know. And he he was the guy he had his own director's chair in the in the booze. And he's the one that would say sums up or sons down to skip the was on. You know, no one else said a word he was the guy Joe Hamilton was in the hospital. He was dying of cancer. And he said to the nurse his give me a cigarette. And she said we don't do that in this hospital. And he said you do now. The cigarette in a hospital bed..

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