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Or reps, excuse me, I would say that early on, it looked like the starting defense was moving a little fast for him, but he seemed to settle in as they got into practice and there were a bunch of throws that I thought were really, really solid that we can get into. But the one thing that you definitely do see with Mac, even when he has a bad start like he did today or had some bad moments like he did today. The ball is never that up for grabs. There was a few instances like we can Philadelphia that I wrote about where I felt like he was pushing the ball down the field and being a little bit too aggressive. I would say, putting the ball in bad spots and up for grabs. Today, his misses were at least solid misses, right, where it wasn't like it was going to be intercepted by the other team. So I guess that's a positive you can take away from it. I thought he made a couple of really good throws towards the end of practice. You mentioned the one to born that it was draped all over JC Jackson was draped all over him. There was really only one spot that Mac Jones could throw that ball into for Kendrick born to have a chance at it and that's exactly where he threw it. He also threw a nice pass up the seams and Johnny Smith earlier in practice. So you still see the flashes. You still see the moments. There was a throw coming out of the backfield, JJ Taylor, the linebacker blitz, the other linebacker dropped off the edge, replacement pressure, right? Inside linebacker comes outside linebacker drops with the running back in coverage. Mac read the blitz through hot to JJ Taylor got the ball out of his hands really quickly and put it to JJ Taylor and stride on a swing in the flat. Those are the types of ways you look at and you say, okay, that's the computer and between the ears working for Mac Jones that we've heard about. That the year about from Alabama he comes up here and does the same thing. Those are the things that you like to see translate. The last one I would mention with Mac was actually a throwaway that bob Sochi pointed it out as well on Twitter where at the end of the half against Philadelphia, Mac, yes, he had the deep ball in Nikhil Harry that should have been caught in the whole sequence probably doesn't happen if that ball is caught. But he threw a ball complete the JJ Taylor inbounds on second down with no timeouts. And then they were forced to spike the ball on third down and then punt. And when that happened, it was a learning moment for Mac Jones. And Josh McDaniels mentioned yesterday that they hadn't really gone over that exact scenario and practiced before..

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