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Base is president as he's he's obvious able to vegas nuts kinda contributes one altogether unforgettable experience on. I will say that Like what jack is so brilliant tat. Is he really does commit to the moment of the performance so like you. He's so committed to finding like as much truth as he can within the same and he'll go to extreme sometimes to get that which is so incredible to watch. So i think that's why as you say he so good in the scenes when he is just listening to someone when he's reacting to some because he is there in that moment and of actors aren't quite light batman commute more selfish with that performance in chapters disease that as somebody every step of the way and i think that's why he so blatant show. How much of of drags on the page in the novel versus what colin sort of specifically brought to it versus. What you had in your head andrew. I was curious about the assembly of that character in like the different sort of authors of it. Because i think in the book drax is almost appeal months. Stop and i think i wanted. Dragster also have. This may sound strange but an attractive qualitative at least to some them so that some no is drawn into drax. His will adjoin into trying to understand him Rather than just be immediately powell by him. And i think in the book you are repelled by drax my straight to way and for me it was more interesting that that you would jewel on Closer into taxes world ad calling is very good at making him attractive as well as making him propellant. And so i think colin finds that balance with counter jack. There aren't very many roles where i imagine you get to do so much. I mean short of of having a love interest. This character really gets to be. He gets to be a doctor. He gets to be an avenging angel. He he's a survival his t's he's the leader but he's also an addict and he's got these. Ptsd memories of what happened to him. In india i mean it is the full buffet. I imagine of the human experience that must have been part of of what made this such a meteorology take on a fair description of of most people in reality most most people on either one thing or no the and an unseen Experience in different fields Via the vehicle of medical profession shall in order.

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