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The Lake Michigan water. Temperature's fifty three in Madison, fifty five degrees. Green Bay fifty one in Waukesha fifty-five, Milwaukee fifty five at Jack pandals whitefish bay. It's fifty eight degrees. John Mercure here Melissa barklay with you on a Friday afternoon. We're at Jack pandals whitefish bay in a historic building a beautiful building with a great menu. We're here till six o'clock isn't this place so old school old school appeals site, grandma's place. And we're also really close to the lake to just not too far. There's a nice place you can walk. You do that. For dinner as well. Walk off some good idea. Also, just down the street here is Craig counsel field. So Craig counsel the manager the brewers is a whitefish bay guy. And I bet he's been here. I bet he's walked through here. His parents are from here. He's been here since he was nine years old. I love that. When I was talking to a response at epic collective o- on Oakland that they were saying his parents stop at here. All the time. It's nice to have that local connection with the brewers. It is super cool. So Jack pandals has been here for over one hundred years. It's one of the oldest restaurants in the area. One hundred years people used to get out the old steamer ships on Lake Michigan. And then walk or take a buggy here to Jack panels a lotta history, and you can still feel that while you're in here. The restaurant is a Milwaukee county landmark one of the few old buildings remaining from that era of one hundred years ago. So we are here until six o'clock come on by toxin brewers with us say Hello, hang out. Maybe grab something to eat before you taken that brewers game before you listen to you on the radio. It's going to be a great evening here. We've. Got a great hour coming up for you on the show. We will give away some money to a very willing charity, a very worthy charity. We do that every time we're on the road that will happen this hour and Wisconsin's afternoon brewers manager Craig counsel is going to be speaking to the press around four thirty. We're going to go live to Miller park and see what he has to say. And Jeff levering brewers broadcaster learning at the knee of legend. Bob euchre, Jeff levering will be with us live coming up at four fifty Greg..

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