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Truthfully, I think he's one of the best and brightest football minds I've ever been around. When it comes to breaking the game down, dissecting, but to not have Joe Montana in the top 5 quarterbacks is stupid. Well, I don't know, sometimes you have to experience it. You have to see that person. Yeah, I don't care. To understand they're great. I don't care. I don't care about seeing them. I know you want four super bowls. You could use orlowski is a Q tip, you know that? Arlovski is little. He looks like a Q tip. So he told me yesterday he came in with no jacket. Yeah, he said, I didn't know he had hand warmers and no jacket when he came in here. That is the exact definition of that. You see me today? Yeah. I'm wandered off. Yeah, you're ready to go. My socks in my DP, this is what the NBA players do. They took day socks in they put their pants in their socks. And then on the KD trade and breaking the scoring record, I wanted to dress like NBA player today. A lot of good stuff going on in the movie. Shout out there. Yeah, a little shout out. Okay, greatest. You know it. You know it. He's got the Travis Scott ones on. I didn't buy them, but those things are perfection. He didn't buy them? So let me find the plug. I got to, I got to give a shout out. So Isabel Harrison. Okay, Isabelle Isabelle. WNBA star. Okay. Good friend of mine, family friend. My wife and her older sister group like play the LSU together. We family. She got me. She's a Jordan athlete. Shout out to easy. Okay. Okay, is he shouted to you? I didn't mean to do that. Marvin, you're not going to get some free stuff. I didn't mean to plug that, but it just happened that way. So better team player resume. LeBron or Tom Brady. Better team player resume. Like the accomplishments over 20 plus years, Brian. I think three teams, three championships, three with three different teams. That's tough. That's tough to do deeply. Well, going to Miami when they had Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, that ain't tough. Well, they didn't win it when he left. Yeah. He's having him with Dwyane Wade. That's two other Hall of Famers there. I know. And I don't want to get into this with you 'cause I love you. And I like you a lot. But we act like we act like the teams that Jordan played with the other dudes around him was trash. Scottie Pippen damn near one league and made Pete with Jordan retired. We should have gone to the NBA Finals that year. Dennis Rodman the Hall of Famer. Yeah. People don't respect Bill Cartwright at harsh grant. Those were really good players. Sony cuco. Cool coach, BJ Armstrong. Yeah. We saw John Paxton and Steve Kerr hit game winners. Everybody acts like Braun was the first one to play with great players. We saw a mass exodus to Houston. Charles Barkley was 900 years old. I didn't leave to hook up with other players. Because they came there. But they drafted them. I was okay, Dan, they were in Chicago. First of all, how many times how many times have you got on the radio and said, you know what, I'm a go hoop in Cleveland. I'm from Ohio. No, I'm saying how many times have you said, I'm going to go hoop in Cleveland. Probably never. Okay. And you're from Ohio. Okay. But I always think of LeBron you say Cleveland cavalier. He is. He is. And the Lakers won't be his last team. And the legacy is this too. The way he was treated when he left Cleveland, we don't give him credit for going back. Don't get me started on LeBron. I love the guy. I know I do, too. I think he's the greatest player of all time. He went back and delivered a chimp. But Tom Brady's resume to me is more impressive because Brady plays in a one and done playoff system. I argue this with Kendrick Perkins all the time. It's harder to win the Super Bowl. Yes. But if you got one bad game, you're out. Is LeBron has one bad game against the Celtics. You can come back and you got to beat you three more times. 100%. Are we okay? But LeBron got to play defense in offense. Well, I've seen him sometimes. He didn't play any defense. That's okay. What a chase down block. Tom Tom Dan, let's not do it. Andrey goudal. I know. But sometimes Tom plays great defense by playing great offense to keep his defense off the field. Yeah, touche. How about that? And we are not going to see when they want to win Tom one in temple. You think the defense was more responsible or the offense? In the Super Bowl, defense. All right. But how about the whole sea? How about the totality of the city? It was the number one defense in the league. Don't make me go Larry Allen on you. Make you go to liquor store. Like I told him. You can get thrown over the rail to. Do you even want to talk about the Super Bowl? If you want to. We can do whatever you want. Better defensive line. Philly. Complete. You can't, you can't say that I'm a give all this attention to Hassan Reddick because Joshua hit your quarter back in the back of the head. Javon hargrave Fletcher Cox and Dominican Sue had a revival. He started to rush to pass that high level. But they brought him in probably to shore up the runway. And then we saw him put a quarterback out the second quarterback from San Francisco. I think when it comes to Philly man, the difficult part for Andy Reid and Eric Vietnamese going into this game is figuring out how to protect. Not if because if you guys can't block them one on one, it don't matter anyway, right? But how do you allocate you're like, I'm sorry. I'm starting to learn some financial stuff. How do you allocate resources? You like that? Well, it's got a paid dividend. It's got to pay. You got to allocate resources to making sure you get these guys blocked up. And I really think the only way you do it is obviously getting the ball out of pet hands quick. And Andy frustrated the hell out of me against Cincinnati because he kind of just flippantly ran the football out of shotgun. You better figure out how to use Pacheco to keep these dudes from penning their ears back and taking advantage of your offensive line. And the chief's office of land is good. They protect it well. Is Patrick Mahomes at top ten quarterback of all time right now? Yeah. I believe he, I truly believe he is. I believe in Patrick Mahomes retired today he'll be in the Hall of Fame. Do you believe that Aaron Rodgers would not retire this year because he doesn't want to share the Hall of Fame spotlight with Tom Brady and JJ watt? I mean, everything I've seen about Aaron Rodgers tells me he don't want to share the spotlight with JJ watt and Tom Brady. He won his own dark

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