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Welcome to. I'm Katie. Semi last night. Let's mix up this time helper and I'm Matt Taibbi Schemer which funds horrible. You're looking cheer. This is Dr Seuss kind of you. Know what what's going on deal you know Matt Taibbi my co host right here. I wrote a great piece. That I really wish Bernie. Sanders had read about how he needs to get outside of his comfort zone. If he wants to win so I thought to myself. I'm going to get outside my comfort zone and where this jacket. That is not mine. But that a friend left in my apartment and Listeners can't see it's a black and I feel like it's if Dr seuss created shaft was so it has it's like a black and white diagonal net wall or something and then the sleeves are about a foot long like sixteen boxing gloves. Actually well that's exactly it'll be that's what I think they're they're fluffy puffy. Maroon read more read for fake firm shore sleeves rid toilet paper rolls. Yeah that's what they are just in time for Corona. I'm putting out jacket that lets you. Use Your sleeves as toilet. Paper wrote standing. This is my comfort zone slash. I forgot my coat at my parents and my friend left. Us behind also. Did anyone notice my haircut? Oh mazing haircut you notice. I cut my hair. Thanks for noticing. Yeah got a little bit Sung Chi drenched my son to change the color a little bit. Anyway so I'm going to take this off but I'm still outside my comfort zone because I'm gonNA wear this before and after the show so remote. So seem seamless fantastic transition. Half on a scale of one to ten. How happy are you negative? Eleven Megiddo. Eleven stuff actually. More referring of course to Tuesday nights votes elections primaries. Whatever I'm also not quite as appointed as everyone else like I'm filled with hatred. Yes I absolutely hate certain people more than I did before which I didn't know was possible but we put a jets fan. I heard I have enough. Hate my heart to start a car. I mean I do and I don't even know how to drive but I would get into that car and drive with the heat in my heart. Which would give me power in the gloating online last night was at an all-time fever pitch which was interesting to take but look hey. The people have spoken. Have they have in a way? I mean look. The clearly the field was slanted against. Sanders. In a lot of key ways the the media was one thousand percent against him. The entire apparatus of the party was against him but it was on him to overcome that and he was in position to do it. He had more money by far than he had. Last time. You had plenty opportunity. He had four years to build this this movement up and there were there were areas where he fell short of expectations in in ways that were clearly on on that campus. Yeah but it ain't over to the listen Fat Lady Sing. No it's not over till the FAT AUDIENCE MEMBER. Who's asking a question? Yeah over to the line. Dog Phase Pony soldiers things. We should say this guys. It's not over. They want to think all right last time there was some concern that I was wearing my politics on my slave. I'm talking as if I were hypothetically Bernie supporter which I'm not. I'm totally objective. But I just want to spice it up so I'm GONNA pretend you're planning apart. I'm playing a role. Yeah I've been really working on the character realm and I'm really yeah. I'm really convincing now. But it's not over and people have been saying it's over. They wanted us to think it was over way before when the results weren't as bad but again we're not in a place where it's irreversible no and Biden is let's just say combustible candidate threatened to slap somebody on the trail. We'll get to that And the debate is coming up and also this is a moment where sanders has to demonstrate that he understands how those kinds of this type of politics works. He has to be as aggressive as possible in Making the party feel like they have something to lose if he if he is not happy right and that means yes. Stay in the race as long as possible. He's gotta spend all that money and look. He can't quit now he can't quit now. We can't unless he does before the show comes out and which case in which case. We were predicting that he quits against our against Katie. Matt's orders cigarettes doctor's orders. No but that's very important to remember and Matt. You wrote this piece. That came out last week about how he needs to scale up his operation. In a way that's like could get him the Into the general. Can you summarize? We talked about a little last week. We talked about it last week. Mo- most of it was to do a better job at drawing distinctions. And he absolutely positively positively did not do that and we can get to some of this. I hate to say it but Tucker Carlson had a thing about Bernie that was kind of right on the money talking about how he he just does not understand how to do this kind of politics and how to how to be aggressive into threaten the party with the loss of your support and He he hasn't done that he has to figure that out. Quick probably they should be afraid. He's GonNa he would never do this but if I were him. I would like threaten to run third parties. Never do that absolutely good. And also he needs to stop saying that Biden can win because the truth is we don't know that and he shouldn't be saying that because it's actually a responsible I would say it's like it's like a prosecutor we talked about this. I mean you can't be giving compliments to your opponent while you're running against the opponent doesn't work and we know yours friends. You don't need to say that anymore really quickly. We're GONNA have an appetizer of Matt Taibbi News before we get the four food groups. So tell US Matt. I'll tell you guys because you're too humble. Matt won an award. He won and Izzy. Nells what the easiest. It's an award named after one of my heroes. I have stone And it's a word by a College Journalism Department Dr Park Center and previously won by likes of Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman talk about that and a couple of friends of show Lee Fong want it as well as as a future furniture feature guests so Very cool I'm really. I'm really excited to go up there and and see them in April so you should probably bring me as like the so you can point to me and be like I couldn't have gotten this without Katie. And they mentioned they didn't engine useful idiots. They didn't mention me. It's okay I'm feeling great about that. I'm feeling great about the video. You guys did last week but this is the latest example of Katie. How mom and I'm not just saying that in a vacuum you won that award. Not your journalism had something to do with it but there is mostly the case. It was a piece cup just a little bit your because you don't do that much of that and then also Philip. Agnew who I interviewed on my show on the show he became a senior adviser to sanders and last week. I was speaking on my show to Jim Zog. We we mentioned Jesse Jackson. All I'm saying is that next thing you know who endorses Bernie Sanders just. So we've got three bumps this week outstanding. It's it's infallible. It's invaluable four food for Democrats so I think we have anything I really had to scratch my head a lot. Democrats We got friend of this show. Pow chow recipe plagiarize your contributor. Warren gave a great interview with Rachel. Maddow and Rachel Maddow's the hard hitting journalists that she is the night before had interviewed Bernie Sanders and asked him about online supporters. And then of course when she interviewed Rachel Mad Elizabeth Warren. She asked her about them. So let's take a look at the video tape. What goes on online and and where those lines are in how much each of us and I want to say this for all of the candidates back back when there were lots of us we are responsible for the people who claim to be our supporters. And do really Threaten ugly dangerous things for other to other entertainment. It's a particular problem with Sanders. Ears edit just is this just a factual question on Elliot's first of all if Rachel maddow's any kind of journalists which I know she she can be just as choosing not to be cycled the first question. She should've asked those with Warren. Here is. Did you have a pay. Trolling operation did you pay money in your campaign to have have people to have the sock. Puppet Accounts Attack People Online. Yeah I'm going to say about that is that she should have asked that question because it was very. It was abundantly clear early in the in the election cycle that there are a couple of candidates who spent quite heavily and then area and many of us heard from those people over and over again. And that's the question. Show us right so I just want to point out. I had a kind of if I do. So can I say I had an epic on twitter? Went past was like in the thirty s or something Yeah Yeah it is and I haven't finished and I'm going to turn into a piece but basically I'm so tired of the snake emoji narrative. Warren says that she does her her part. She played where where she can't use his power to condemn or control followers. I JUST WANNA say. She said nothing nothing about certain supporters. And I'm just GonNa read like very quickly very short thing. This is someone. She could condemn if she if she had wanted to do that. This is a comment made by a wonderful supporters about To a woman WHO's a cancer survivor. Who Supports Sanders in large part because of her medical costs and this supporter of Warren said trump's going to obliterate burning member? I don't want to do but just a fact of what's going to happen question. Do you actually plan on sticking around until November. Also how are you preparing for eternal blackness coughing or cremation this woman who has cancer so Elizabeth? I know you're really concerned and you knew you know everyone has to do everything they can. So giving you the opportunity. Another thing is that You had a surrogate celebrity surrogate who appeared with you and made a video with you named Ashley Marie Preston. She has tweeted things in the past. Like another Damn Asian. Almost hit me while crossing. What the fuck is it with? The y'all and Dan Vehicles Asian hose act like they won't get karate chopped in motherfucking throat wise. This what does this? Hoe staring at my known Beeswax Hashtag Bitch Latino and Asian businesses need to stop being rude and Fuckin- disrespectful. I know it's a lot ass in California but speak fucking English. Yeah I said it so again Warren. Now I to know Elizabeth you know about the these comments because there are articles written about it so really hoping you showed this leadership that you're asking for and condemn those comments and then you know. Check out my my threat on this because there are tons of examples. You've Biden's orders saying terrible things racist things saying that. Ilan Omar's marriage a her brother so biden. You'RE GONNA WANNA get on that. You have mayor Pete Supporter. Making Fun of and blaming a father for the suicide of his son. So I'm really glad that everyone is being asked to condemn. We'll they're not and ten sanders is the and I know it's frustrating. When I bring this up I think a lot.

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