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Your general maintenance and repairs and such, and if you're on the East side or anywhere else Just go to bumper to bumper radio dot com and you confined just good repair shops. It's a good place to start looking if you need somebody, but if you have somebody stick with them, we're going to go backto Laura Laura has a Mustang or her son does and it's got a lot of weird things going on, but they have also attempted something's in Laura. Real quick. When your son was driving the car. Did you say it? Just shut off. It just stalled while he was driving. Yes, it turned off and he couldn't get it to start again. Okay? And when it goes to start it just cranks and pranks and cranks kind of like it's out of gas or nothing happens at all. Ah, about question. I can't clarify. I know when we went there and it was pulled over on the side of the road. He tried to turn it on. And there was no prank, but that there was like a little almost like a man called like a clicking noise. I can hear like a tapping noise coming up in front. But they go. No, he doesn't do anything. Right. Okay, so and I know you had talked to you to replace the key. Maybe talk about you saw the security. The security light was flashing. But you know that the repairs that I think you guys have attempted on your own. Are not Probably the problem and could have potentially made things worse. Talked about the security light flashing Tim. I have never seen a car stall while driving because there was something wrong with kie. See, I don't know. Maybe it's happened before. But I've never heard of that. So replacing the key and doing that. They did the ring that the receiver around that where you you insert the key, and there's a device that has to read the key. They got a key from a locksmith. Now we don't know if the key was programmed, right? We don't know if the antenna that they installed needs to be programmed. So now when someone goes to fix this car, Laura, they have to start. Not even from the beginning. They have to go backwards a little bit. So it is. I think it's time to get it to professional repair shop and have it fixed. So if you're looking for a shop again, go to bumper to bumper area dot com. But you have thrown enough parts.

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