Rosenstein, Russia, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


For whatever reason in this we don't know rosenstein decided that russia was not necessarily to mention despite his conversations with the president instead he stuck to the story that jim komi had acted inappropriately when he disclosed the investigation of hillary clinton and her use of a private email server and other accused around the election so you know the story that we know that rose's sign wrote was one thing but we also know that the president was urging him to write something else having to do with russia no i think in the article i just got a quick read of it there was at least one unnamed person who tried to perhaps explain that the president was in talking about basically want the mentioned about russia referred to the president wanting rosenstein to say in the memo that the president was not under investigation regarding russia is that correct yes that's kovac and as we know from jim commes memos and his book and his gazillion speeches that it's clear that according to comb me the president was obsessed with this idea of somebody publicly curing him and saying that he was not a subject of anything any investigation related to russia because i wouldn't be a huge surprise here and what is interesting though is that rosenstein wrote this letter he told congress in the aftermath of jim comey's firing last year that he had not in it for the for the express purpose of having jim komi fired i believe he said that it was not to be a pretext for firing and that he clearly knew that this is what trump wanted and that you know be hard to it'd be hard to imagine that he could have these conversations and not know exactly what the president was going to do with any letter he produced and according to the times reporting molars interested in this letter or mccabe already turned it over to the special counsel as i correct absolutely so according to reporting mccabe house turn this over the special counsel and it raises the question of whether or not loved rosenstein should be recused he oversees the molar investigation because he has to because just russians is for us.

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