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I've been staying up I've been looking at a bunch of different things trying to get guys better throughout our lives There's no consistent at bats We were taking some walks We're not getting that big head We're not having that inning Patrick Corbin's best start of the season still dropped him to Owen four which is the same record the Orioles have in their last four outings after losing to the Yankees Rob woodfork WTO sports Thanks rob as always one 17 on double the deal On the top stories on WTO fever following for you this one EMR locally DT councilman Kenny mcduffie is keeping up his fight to run for attorney general in the city a three judge panel of the D.C. D.C. Court of Appeals sided with the board of elections in keeping him out because he didn't spend enough time practicing law Now mcduffie is appealing to the full court At EC man remains in police custody this morning charged with the stabbing death of his own His on again off again girlfriend Police say that Carol Carl Jones and the victim were apparently doing drugs just before her death They argued and then he handed her a knife but tells them he didn't kill her He says he later found her stabbed and James Corden from the entertainment world is actually leaving CBS's Late Late Show we hear in June of 2023 the UK said that it was a hard decision but added he's ready for one more adventure Stay with WTO for more on these stories in the minutes ahead Positive news for the nation's youngest children this morning Moderna asking the FDA to authorize its COVID vaccine for kids younger than say based on Moderna's clinical trials It will protect some totally from getting COVID but for almost everybody it will protect against serious illness which is positive Doctor David agus is a CBS News medical contributor he says in children 6 months up to 6 years there was about a 40 to 50% decrease in symptomatic COVID and the kids who got it so with Moderna's request for emergency use We're hoping by the end of May this may be available to young kids across the country Chrissy king WTO P news Good Friday morning April 29th what 18 on WTO welcome in Good morning to rich hunter at the WTO traffic.

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