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That's true. Yeah, it was like that. Maybe it was a ghost and mr. Vampire them but I do remember all being tied up in that mythology. But yeah hopping goes hopping vampires. We just need more hopping monsters. I feel I agree. We also need more vampire watermelons, which are also a thing watermelons. Yes. I learned this from Pratchett and I thought this is ridiculous. We must go and look it up. So I looked it up there watermelons that have some red markings on the Rind which apparently some very superstitious people regard as patients of vampirism and they they don't seem to do much other than roll around and make sort of like Burrell noises, but like in practice words, I think it was Jeff. Perhaps they suck back. Passing. That's a good one. I don't remember that for my project reading. But yeah, a vampire watermelons vampire fruit in general or that's going to be a kids story waiting to be told Shirley. Okay. One thing that I love about vampires, which is I don't know if it's going to single me out as the old one. But I really really love that historically a lot of the the famous vampires have been male. And what I loved is that you kind of have the almost the Femme Fatale type off. Tripe where the man is using his sexuality his like just innate sexiness to seduce these women off and I just found that it was really fun because most of the time women in these kinds of roles, you know, it's like oh women use their sexuality as a kind of getting what we want or you know, that kind of thing but vampires showed that men could do the same thing that men could use their sexiness to get what they want. And really when I was waiting for you to bring up Gary you are all waiting for me to bring up Gary Oldman not want to disappoint dead. But that's the thing. Like it's just it seems like in historically a lot of stories that we see have, you know, whatever the the sexual creature who is a you know representation of evil or not. She's you know, some kind of Eve figure or something attempting temptress kind of thing vampires to me showed the opposite that we could see that same as men being just as God damn sexy and naughty and tempting as as the kind of traditional Eve like temptress same thing that for me is what I've always loved about vampires and you know, Lucy likes Gary Oldman. I mean I was I was definitely a spike girl from Buffy. Oh, yes. That's right. I mean, yeah like so hard. Yeah. That's what I really loved about them bias. I also really love that and I love getting two slightly subvert it with Ruthven and Riverside because.

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