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I mean there's no question. I mean i could survive can weather but in terms of being able to project into the future in this crazy but environment that we're in it's never gonna be quite the same. I got this scar now is that is that wrong. The word we use his trauma no doubt it is and so now your brain is. It's gonna scan the environment until you say. Hey i'm okay we're okay. Somebody says kovic bike. I just go into like you. And i talked about was not scared about coping. I'm scared about while we're going to round cove right. You talked about once I don't know if we're on the show or not but talk about you're in a car wreck want somebody rear ended the crap out of you and now that when you go to that middle lane to take a turn he just fill yourself grad. That we're a little bit tired and that was years ago and so there's gotta be a sense of intention analogy Around we're here now. Yes sometimes it just says it helps you say allow just go. You know that. That's what that is. Why keep looking on my shoulder. We're here we're here now and so is it gonna yup probably not bad as all that almost all that lizard brings me but it might be right. Maybe we'll deal within. Jonathan tragedies johnson. What's up in your world. Hey it's a great honor to speak to you. Guys have been huge influence in my life. Entreleadership is shaped how we run our business and So i appreciate all you guys do cool that we have we have family owned businesses here and my brothers and partner so things are going good. We're been successful growing fast My stroller questions. Today is kinda as i. Bring my brother's slash business partners into this. You know to get them to buy more entity you know. The business side of things are working in the business. Not just on the business you know so we do really getting projects done and doing that and waiting people but sometimes the business side of it i. I feel like all alone at times. So what do you mean by. What is what is it you want them to do. They're not doing. I'm confused. i guess probably just You know looking for you. Know their advice counsel opinions on certain things you know. Sometimes they leave a lot of it up to me and so sometimes i look for answers. So they're doing day job running doing the thing that there is there portion to do producing the widget but then they're not thinking about the overall thing. Yeah unless i put it in front of them and then sometimes even that i don't get much feedback so all right so dave. What do you think about that. I think i think a rolls clarity issue. Okay there's two roles that you and your brothers play the same here at ramsey for me or rachel okay. Rachel is an owner of this business. Rachel cruze. she's my daughter. She's also ramsey personality win. She is a ramsey personality. She getting paid on the exact same schedule that john baloney gets paid. A percentage of speaking a percentage of a book sale. Or whatever so. She's getting paid ramsey personality if she does that job and that's all she does that's all she's gonna get paid for doing that job. As an owner she gets paid a percentage of the prophets. And that's because she's an owner not because she did something those two things are separate and so you need to say you know in order to get in your case in order to get owner pay not just pay for doing your widget job you have to do owner work what you're talking about is they're doing their you know it l- let's just make up something. Okay your car mechanic. I don't know what you want. I don't wanna put normal. Put it out but you know so. So they work on the cars all day and they get paid for working on the cars but when it comes to figuring out how much rent we should jar a pay what kind of building we should rent or what kind of advertising campaign. We should do or who we should do our taxes. They all they want to is work on cars and so the the deal is if you wanna get paid owner share you also have to be involved in the owner the work of being the owner and they don't get that part they think if do their day job that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing and it's okay to do either one but you don't get owner pay unless you're doing on her work only get mechanic pay for being a mechanic personality pay for being a personality. Did y'all start this thing together or did you start. And then they're coming in to help. No we're second generation so we kinda like over from my dad and and so that was about six years ago so it was pretty small at that time. so we've we've grown a lot. How many team members total. We have thirty okay. All right it's going to be a hard conversation. How old how old are your brothers Forty and thirty seven. Okay i think you guys just sit down Maybe even with the wives and just and you start talking about. 'cause here's what i hear and i think it needs to be corrected one way or the other. I hear that you're the only person running this business. Yeah feels like that at time. That's what you feel. That's what you've conveyed okay. So you're the only one functioning as an owner of the other guys are functioning in their job inside the business and that's okay. You're my brother. I love you if you want to have a job here. I will pay you for doing a job but owners participate in owner work. That's a different task. A different job description than you know. Okay let's say you're a mechanic and you don't ever pay the rent you don't ever get the taxes done and you own the business. Then you've not done owners work and you're going to go out of business right so i think you just sit down with all of them and go gas. It's okay with me either way. But something's gonna give. Because i'm not going to be the only grownup but i think before that. He's got to articulate with those owner responsibility. Yeah gotta write them down. What does this involve what is involved to own and operate a business. The owner makes different level decisions. The people who worked in the business. And if you just want to work in the business you can be my brother and be a mechanic and i'll put you on mechanic pay. That's fine and i love it. That's another all of that but let's clarify Today proverbs four twenty-three above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it either. Marshall says may we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please but as the opportunity to do what is right here. Marshals worth reading can say. That's a great quote. He's worth reading beautiful beautiful history. They're very interesting guy dr john. Baloney ramsey personality is my co host..

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