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Engaged doors at in and do what he did out there I mean it's It's definitely really, and despite all the logistical stuff the kid says he treated it like any other outing I knew it'd be different than a regular game with fans and all that but. I mean, it wasn't really part of our focus I wanted to go in there and. Prepare the way I prepare for every start and it worked out nicely for the twenty seven first round picks the mets to fenway. They come back to city field for two more with Boston. Tonight, you've got Jacob degrom opposed by nate evolved with First Pitch at seven ten. The Yankees wrapped up in all this mess with the MARLINS and they're corona virus outbreak Miami had their games cancelled by Major League baseball through. Sunday. So they are next scheduled at the moment to play on Tuesday at home against the Phillies we'll see how the. Situation Develops but the Yankees are on to Baltimore they will play to the orioles beginning tonight after they had a couple of games postponed. The phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Brian Cashman has no idea if the season will end up getting completed what he says, the Yanks will do whatever they can to make that happen I can't tell you confidence. I can't tell you don't have confidence I I tell you we're gonna do everything in our power to do everything the right way and play baseball, and his team is on board with that plan. I think the fact that our players said what they said today when they voted, we'll go to balk more their their attitude is tell us where and we'll be there and that's I think a very powerful statement by them. Yes and plenty of incentive for them with the roster they've put together and looking to contend for the world series title, of course. Forget the vote and pivoting to Baltimore Aaron Boone says, they would have been fine playing the Philly's last night at citizens bank at a set going today based on what I know. You know our training staff and are better team would have been able to do. I would felt okay. Even the thought that they would play that game at Yankee Stadium last night to right we heard they were coming back to new. York. That was the initial feeling. But then we heard about the phillies we're still waiting on some results they wanted another round the testing. So you know the Yanks, we're kind of in that holding pattern and they were ready to come back to the Bronx and then all of a sudden, the the Baltimore. Idea presented itself and they jumped at the opportunity so good for them. Zach. Britton. Serves as the player Rep. for the Yanks, lead that unanimous vote to head down to camden yards and they understand the two thousand twenty s messy. They've just got to adapt I think for the players we understand that it might not be perfect in the competitive balance of things this year, and that's just the nature of the environment that we're in they will. Send Garrett. Cole to the Mound Tonight Jay Happel Start Tomorrow and then this weekend they've got the three-game set with the red sox coming up you will have Masahiro Tanaka making his season debut in one of those games Jordan Montgomery will start one as well. We've got pregame on the fan this evening six, fifty five, and it'll be a seven thirty five start again down in Baltimore now as Jerry mentioned earlier this hour governor Cuomo Cuomo extending. An offer to rob Manfred and the rest of Major League Baseball yesterday I offer to Major League Baseball. If you're having problems playing in other states, come play here and he says come one come all we can handle everything New York state could host any Major League baseball game that any teams want to play like the Blue Jays church there your your citizens can't go to restaurants and can't do things on the bench right? boomer doesn't like Democrats. Double Standard Hypocritical the whole thing is ridiculous. I'M DONALD TRUMP and I approve this message. Debut of that one. I haven't heard that one before. I got I gotta take have to be honest about, but I can't argue with what you're saying. I like them though like I watch those press conferences every day not in the beginning but I would say in almost every day in May I like the guy I just I can't argue. Family member that I just said, I can't argue with what you're saying I. Don't give a crap I'm. I got Asian making nurses, toys, grace, and that's too I. Hear You. I will. Need to own up to it. Up to it and they understand just kind of sweeping it under the rug loud and clear. All right. Let's put boomer back in a good mood. So I was just mentioned in the Blue Jays, we know Toronto's forbidding. They'll just do why ranger highlights from Nineteen ninety-four. Well this is hockey related. So they've got the one of the bubbles in Toronto and just read how they only had one new corona virus case reported yesterday in a city of three million people. So that bubble up there in Toronto should be in pretty good shape no matter how you slice it they they're in they're in a good job. You say, they only had one new case on new case reported yesterday and a city of three million people. So as somebody wrote, the Marlins have more within their team than believable Toronto. So they're doing a good job whatever they're doing they're doing. A. Good job a little bit more on last night's dust up between the astros and the dodgers L. A. Winning Game Houston to to Joe Kelley got the ball rolling in the sixth seemingly throwing Alex Bregman on.

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