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Or the credit card. Don't ask you the same kind of questions. Do you still have your card in your possession and ninety nine percent of time? You would say yes, you do. Because a bad guy. Ozzy was still your information. The max. Through the skimmer in the next question that the Bank or front investigator at the car company would probably ask you is. Where was the last place you use your credit cards? So what they're trying to do is reverse engineer the fraud and determine at what location was your card use when it left your presence sort like the restaurants in area, someone, you know, took your card you gave it to them to pay for a meal, and they left and they skimmed your credit card. So that kind of tells the fraud investigators what may be going on a particular retail or restaurant location. That were other cases that they may be working the commonalities may be related to that location. Similar to yours. This very helpful information. So really pay attention to your accounts and really pay attention. When you do go to different ATM's and gas stations very important for you to be aware. And there's some simple tips. I wanted to talk about kind of like what to look out for. So you're aware, you know, to to be cognizant and again aware of what the potential is to have your information compromise through an ATM or gas station skimming device so skimming devices permits overlay devices devices that are placed over the credit card slot. So the card slot that goes in the gas pump there or the machine so it system overlay device looks like it fits just fine. And so when you're card is inserted into that overlay device into that slot ATM or gas pump slot that device records all the credit card information on that magnetic stripe, then we talked about that before your name your full name, the credit card number expiration in this case to the skimming technology are what they call shimmying technologies were the bad guys have developed this technology, and they call it Shimane, and they come all kinds of crazy words, right? It. So it's where they install a very thin card sized device with a micro chip inside that card slot. And that device you can't see it from the outside the ATM. But when you stick your card inside that slot is still information that allows that thief decline your car, so just some more technology that's out there in the other thing too is key pad overlay. So you have to ATM machine and what they've done is. They developed a keypad. And this is an overlay over the the right regular keep. But it's a device that looks like a keep Adam placed over the actual keypad. That captures your pin when it's entered. So that's a debit card situation in this case. So we just talked about with the department of Justice indictments in these guilty pleas in this case a lot of this was involving critic not just credit cards debit cards where these guys were able to get the pin numbers to withdraw cash. So what's the other way? They do that sorta talked about it briefly before but little tiny covert cameras. Located nearby ATM or even gas pump. I guess when you're in inter in your card in his debit card. They're trying to steal your pin number. So those cameras are using conjunction at that time with that skimming or shimmying device in so that cameras placed near that location of that ATM is there to record when you punch in your pin number. So they're capturing that information. So that later they can take out. Funds from your Bank account. So a lot of times to what's interesting through the years that I've been doing this long ago. This been going on a long time. Same sort of scenario bag is can imprint credit card, MAG stripes with your stolen credit card information is that today with the evolution of technology, including bluetooth, technology and WI fi. Now, some these skimming devices are actually wifi bluetooth compatible. So someone nearby has a receiving device that an app or computer on. You know on their computer phone in there, actually, receiving transmitted information from the skimming device. So they're kinda new by which means they don't have to go back to that. Actual location to rec- retrieve that skimming device piece of equipment is just being relate to them through wifi bluetooth connection on an app that they may have pretty sophisticated when down some of these bag is these for national guys had some sort of technology like that too. So what's scary about this? If you haven't already and it's out there on the web, just Google ATM skimming device and you'll see all kinds of his come up with all kinds of different products out there where you can buy one, please don't do this don't recommend it whatsoever. Unless you wanna be part of an indictment at a future date, but they're readily available, and it's crazy. That's that's still happens. But though that's been going on for several years. So that's just one piece of the equipment for making clone cards or counterfeit credit cards with other people's stolen information. You need. Stock well Google credit card card stock for sale and you'll see card stocks credit card plastic card stock for sale in different quantities hundred packs two hundred fifty packs five hundred packs in that's for sale too. So don't steal someone's credit

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