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Leagues pretty much means your the best pizza in the world people come from italy come from all over the world to staten island to study how pizzas supposed to taste and so the owner of dino's mike burke great guy he and his family they owned a nino's and now everyone knows how good to nina's now they've expanded they have these locations at the jersey shore in brick they have this location in aberdeen then this other location in manhattan on macdougal street in greenwich village that i've tried which is just terrific it's a thin crust pizza if you like a good thin crust pizza you're gonna love deneen house and the recipe is the same today as it was six seconds ago and it trust me i know you're not gonna believe me so you should try it for yourself the deniro's in manhattan tastes exactly the same as the dino's and sent out by the way the fake kevin mccullough who has all those fake twitter followers alluded to before when he goes to staten island to visit pastor dave watson's church as sort of a celebrity guest preacher the first place he goes is to dino's in port richmond and pastor dave watson goes there so what do all of us know people that live in staten island people that visits that nyland we all know that the ninos says the best pizza around whether you like the garbage pile you like the classic cheese pie but he liked the meatballs fresh onion zero got my favorite is by far the clam pie because i'm seafood fanatic if you like seafood too you're gonna love this congealed and they have the spicy buffalo gallimard which is out of this world and they serve it at both both style and location and the greenwich village location i haven't been to jersey shore location yet but i'm looking forward to train joe piscopo has been there he says it's terrific i guarantee you're not going to be disappointed it's been a landmark in staten island since nineteen thirty seven and they've also been been.

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