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Fewer again or your host reach younger women and children the giannis we have as you shed thirty five minutes left of the show and less than that of this regular season and we still don't know who is going where but it does appear though that the falcons are playoffbound let's check it would jeff zell in atlanta well matt brian just kicked is souissa the old goal of the second half that's the most he's ever kicked and a half and his long career in the falcons now lead at twenty two of the ten one fifty eight left and the gang we are at the twominute warning with tear line at the with the ball at the forty seven guard lie they have no timeouts remaining now let's set up matt bryant's he'll go cam newton his second pick a high throat of greg olson who tipped if kiana neil picked it off at the forty two returned to the 2003 so matt ryan on the day twenty eight of forty five three hundred and seventeen yards the touchdown pass kamnu right now ten of twenty seven one hundred twenty five yards one td and to fix but as we said the key sad is carolina as no timeouts for men first it's and at their own forty seven with one fifty eight go trailing the falcons twenty two that said jeff what's gotta kirk geist in baltimore where there was a touchdown just a moment ago obviously is going to be reviewed biggest all scoring plays are but they are kicked in the field goes i guess he's got it here's craig ice with more mary view on this one add twenty seven twenty polar ribbons.

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