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USA inside pitch is we get ready for baseball on the left coast. It's a modest two game winning streak but a winning streak. Nonetheless in Cincinnati Reds will attempt to make three in a row tonight against the Padres. At Petco park in San Diego in the reds entered tonight's game with a seven and twelve record. But they're only four games out of first place in the National League central. The Padres are eleven and ten and losers of five straight. But they're in second place in the NFL west just two and a half games behind loss. Angeles. Dodgers Petco park has been a house a horse for the reds. They're five and thirteen in the last five seasons. But to know this year, the reds one four to one on Thursday night and three to two in eleven innings on Friday night using seven pitchers to shut the Padres down on four. Hits the reds only head for hits of their own. But to left the yard AU. Halio Suarez went deep in the first inning and Derek Dietrich to run bomb in the eleventh inning off former university of Dayton star pitcher Craig Stayman Dietrich is only batting two hundred. But he's become Mr. clutch with five home runs and thirteen RBI's reg starter, Anthony declaw. He hit a strong outing going six innings giving up just two hits with six strikeouts. And how would you like to be Padre starter? Matt Strom two hits over eight innings. Swore his home run and Yasuko Puig's swinging bunt in the fourth inning. He retired the final fifteen batters he faced through eight innings. The dude looks like Randy Johnson, the big unit with the long greasy hair on piracy checked his dudes hair. He doesn't have to go to his mouth to throw a spitball. All he has to do is rub. His fingers through his greasy hair..

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