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That was a free said that somebody says well no i'm paraphrasing here but well the not any further fall within the where and the champions league right under pellegrini who goes to the arman genie but for is tot did not lane for me it's just wrong because okay it was a blip in the copybook over the two games and done liverpool but the for the forward because almost every one of the favorites to win now now when when you you go go into into this the segment find on the pellegrini note before the capabilities whether or not i think most people this time the one criticism as they won't pull but if settling moved forward let's talk about what you address the manchester united handing to them after that one defeat at old trafford against west brom josie marino wasn't flighting he was pretty honest when it came to reflections only if the fees when you win a match that gives you nothing just gives you three points but you react in a way that it looks like you want something really important you pay the price and in alluded to this sydney in the post match interview talking about the fact that planets with walking around strutting around training for the last few days after that second half performance against manchester city marina was concerned and those concerns have fruit during the game with old traffic yeah well i think you know he said they were on the moon in that game it wasn't it josie marino's job to get their minds back on this game against west from shelby and so he can't always keep throwing the players under the posse set.

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