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Nathan Apodaca becoming a tic tac sensation with a video of himself drinking ocean spray cranberry juice lip sinking to Fleetwood Mac's It dreams while skateboarding when his car broke down. Look catapulting the song back onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart earning the 37 year old a free truck from the juice friend and helping him by a house. Kristen Goodwin. Fox News Stay two More hindsight, 2020. But Fox News radio special comes your way in a moment. News radio 9 21 old 47 FM. I'm John Bay. Back here. The local stories we're following this morning. State health officials are reporting the latest community figures for covert 19 this morning and 32 of the state's 39 communities called it reports actually went down over the last seven days. Providence still leads the state in the number of cases overall. 852 cases in the last week more than 20,000 overall Cranston another 448 cases last week, North Providence, another 142. Ways Import, Smith continued to investigate the death of a 65 year old man. It was found outside of his home on Mari Terrace yesterday. Please have said little wells and prominence. Officials say that a second person has died. As a result of that Lucy Street fire this week, a two year old girl is now dead. She was the sister of the seven year old who had died The day of the fire. Still no cause Yet news any time at news radio are.

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