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Play for hurricanes just under way left side I'll arising looks at the expense macabre across the I love point a centering pass to go crawl space to the right point intercepting a Tyler Johnson he had a good steak Mary blocks the block and then fires a down the length of the S. one thirty three the penalty is terrified of the center ice block appalling it for fall on the backing incident Mike is gonna will dispatch a cop in the left corner by the third call all right circle Paul winding up on the power play circle it is teravainen getting jacked all calls up resenting pastore Michael ward any floated out of the zone to Mel Smith pursuing Hamilton back in the Caroline in human beings it for dissing goal he's feeling some see from court one of five what did the paneling now it's more natures number twelve overall pick in the twenty seventeen drop a head of steam upper middle center across the board all whole of circle centerpoint G. Gardner male laid back to all of circle I'll keep the moving need Niederreiter left corner we need his right circle marginatus by let your install right circle natives right point Gardner so the point all right when the Gartner shoots blocked in front by had made an old immediately fired down only to the X. thirty two seconds left in the Carolina power play to one lightning with three twenty five remaining in the first right wing the justice center ice chips at Inchon Kirk knocks it down the aisle and there's lots that thing right back down only to the S. eighteen seconds left in the battle Jay garner states out for center ice top center ice circle if I take a slave at any point today Donna cuts it off the lady far corner three seconds left in the penalty where's the popcorn act grabs it for porn one has the not to center ice the gets a rally on the box now maybe not interest free to plot across the blood right point little shot on Nancy made by Ross Achaeans got back defensively corn falls upright circle appointed gonna shoot.

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