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Your questions and your audio to us browse and our resources finding out about. It really is a great APP to have and of course it is free of charge now. Paula poundstone is up around the corner. Here she does indeed have fourteen cats last time. We had her on the crazy cat. Lady you can say that you can say that I'm not going to say that but Feel free to to mention that to her. If you want. So she'll be on the show in just a couple of minutes as well as musician singer. Songwriter Amy Holland. The wife of Michael McDonald and she's also a big animal lover. You know what they're all animal lovers. I think we've only had one guest on the show that was not an animal lover. And that of course was smokey Robinson the motown and how do we him that. If he didn't love animals all here to say it was smokey Robinson in the. Yeah I was big fan so I thought okay. Everybody's had an animal either as a child or growing up or as an adult or their children had an I mean everybody has some connection somewhere too and we didn't know of course that we didn't really like animals until he was on the air live with us and so. I'm I'm curious to why he decided to do the interview with Radio but Either way that's about the only person that we've had on that really doesn't have a connection with an animal in one way or another. I've run into people that don't don't like animals really where I can't say but I have friends. I know some friends that do not care for animals and I was chitchatting with them and they said you know no no. Please don't try to convince me how great dogs are and I was like. Oh okay I wasn't going to. I was actually going to different story. But yes I've I've run into it and some people. I don't think I've had the opportunity to have positive interaction with an animal that really impacted their life. Sure and that that's important. I think the almost fear it. Then you know. It's kind of like people pushing animals on me. I don't want it I don't want it you know. It's kind of like eating spinach. Some people just don't want it. It's hard for me to admit it and say but my daughter is one of those people. She's not she's not. She's not anti no but she just. She's like no she now. She likes the humankind luggage lake. She doesn't she thinks animals. You know when when my cat would be like mom. Get him out of here. I don't want my bedroom. She had a pile of stuffed animals in the corner and the cat would just go and lay in the middle of all of them. You disease little head peeking out. And she's like get him out of my room in here she s you know don't they? They always go to the one. Who doesn't she's thirty seven and she doesn't have any animals never has some people. It's the human kids and you know for me. I'm not much on the the human. The human children removed from their rooms. Now you're you're you're not you don't sport any kids. I do not support any kids. Anti-child I just guessed. I appreciate you know relatives children. I have a lot of fun with him. But I enjoy them. Leaving and Alan Robertson your pet world insider here with this week's animal radio listed five ways to a healthier and happier cat cat owners. Know that a healthy tact is more likely to be a happy so it should be no surprise to anyone that cat. Health is a major concern for every cat owner to that end. I thought I'd share five ways to a healthier and happier cat to begin with. We've got to start with nutrition..

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