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Quote 'proud end confused so young mr dillen now has a chance to go pro also known as getting a job in accounting what are the parameters of that konta fastest or the most number of sell i believe the way it works as they describe an assignment do it please a spreadsheet the does this in the person who does it most quickly most elegantly according to the judges wins so like this is this site is sophomore girls who don't want to date me and this party junior girls that on a date to see i don't know a lot about sprint she apparently not of the missed since you just described the grass the i think i think we can safely say stick to the humanities mode michel dating apsar everywhere these days and this week we heard about a new dating service that will let people hook up as long as they are both what i mean you guys are going to be but they're going to be willing and able and hopefully insane so far a given 'cholo this is this is a status that some people have i think you have that i'm not sure how platinum satis max i i fell two silver medallion oh i'm so sorry about the new status kind of status i'll give you know nothing is more nothing i think you know what the blue checkmarked next to your name sets off your oh i who can't hunt all right verify yes if you this is a dating service just for people who are verified on twitter while the new dating app is called blue it had only allows verify twitter user to sign up this means that the people you'll be connecting wither chew celebrities like drinker kelly jenner or local minnesota weather man dave doll a recent study shows that of the hundred fifty thousand verify twitter users about a quarter or journalists that means there is a one in four chance that you will be paying for dinner and i should explain if you're not familiar a blue check mark means you're a verified user basically you're not somebody just casually uses twitter you're wasting your whole life on it peter there are watches that can monitor your steps you know that and your pulse many other things but this week scientists at mit announced that they have invented a new watch that can tell you what look what time it is that's a crazy idea though that is.

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