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I mean i certainly have gotten pushed back from folks that will say oh i don't know if i'm if i'm ready if that's the that's the other thing if they're ready and i'm like well there's never really going to be a ready you either are gonna i mean you're either gonna do the end of your in that to the interview but they feel like they have to get to a certain point in their career in order for people to talk to them about their work and no i mean you get to that point by talking about what you're doing every step of the way so people know what it is it's you're doing so they see that you're visible and you're out there and you're working and you're hustling if you're just staying in the sidelines and grinding and got you know notice you that's probably not going to happen it really is a challenge because people you know you don't wanna say fake it till you make it right but you you but at the same time they're self self promotion with also promotion like it's okay to own your awesomeness and be like you did something else own it and that talking about hey i did a thing and it makes me happy and i did a good job i don't think that necessarily is is saying you know look how slick i am right i hope it doesn't it really shouldn't yeah i hope not and i've had similar issues trying to get people on on my show i had a guest on recently who who is concerned they couldn't fill the half an hour and it was pretty clear that i could have talked to them for ninety minutes or two hours or maybe that they could have done an eight hour session like an entire workshop there was such a huge amount of information thirty minutes goes by like that yeah when the what was the environment like for designers.

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