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The ball is inconsistently coming at him. And sometimes i think when. I watched him passing from from fields that he couldn't hit lake michigan from the shore. So i'm gonna go here with tone. I am of the opinion that Justin fields will be targeting allen robinson quite a bit this week Because of the lack of gyro zander The rookie. Eric soaks will probably draw the alan robinson defensive assignment as a battle that ellen robinson should and should win definitely can and will Should win so. I like Him this week. Not so much muni Daniel jones has already been cleared to play against rams. And you mentioned game script farrell. I think the game stripped pays favors players like sterling. Shepard could area's tony. And that's why i will agree with you and say tony is the guy to start over darnall mooney this week. Hopefully that helps you out. Taylor san jose cody and las vegas is seals. Jones gonna do it two weeks in a row. Would you start him over. Jared cook thanks so much. That is cody in las vegas. So you look at the match ups here this week. Four for these tight ends. You have jared cook this week Going up against the Baltimore ravens on the east coast He goes on the road. Then you have seals jones who stays at home faces the chiefs i saw at this week. And and i've i've terribly sorry. I can't cite the give the credit to who pointed this out on twitter the record for highest yards per play in. Nfl history was the greatest. Show on turf. The kurt warner torry. Holt isaac bruce marshall faulk rams back today. They averaged seven yards of play. Currently the cheuse defense on the season is average. Giving up seven point one yards per play. And i'll tell you this they haven't been going up against the greatest show on turf every single week. They've been going up against a lot worse than that. So i am of the opinion. That taylor heineke and we'll get to him in second has a pretty good game against kansas city. Probably shoot out game and i like steals jones. This week you know the washington Receiver room is really banged up gary mccord popping up on the injury report today. They're hoping he goes man. If he can't go seals jones is gonna get all he can handle in this game feral. I agree with you one hundred percent. Now let's look at. Jared cook this jerry. Cook player fancy Managers relied on for years and jerry. Cook is in the same situation you can imagine. I Lamar jackson justin hevert game. Where whoever has the ball last is going to win. And it's we look at this matchup Baltimore is Really crippled in past cup. They're they're big big missed. I don't think you can go wrong with these players in this being an f. f. e. c. team i would rebound reevaluate my lineup. And see if y- you might be able to get both these players in your lineup at at the uh at the sacrifice of your Least attractive flex position player so that would be To to the to the question that would be my response. I i actually agree with you. And then i had not thought about that. But yeah you with the f. Fcc being able to flex out to players you could flex too tight ends if you want and start Three of them. And if you have seals jones and jerry cook think you've gotta find a way to get them both into your f..

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