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Jacobs from colorado comes in and wants to compete with them and so they just made a twenty dollars a twenty year contract. He'll that gives them carte blanche access to so much for the call tonight. Rats feed Certainly sounds pleasant but the call sounded fantastic. You wanna sounded good kois via the cyp line. That's f. t. l. dot on dot info. You'd like to do that. Thanks for keeping us in the loop about what's actually happening in happening and reno. I would not have guessed it. Six zero three two eight three six six zero. It's free talk. Live when a lunar observatory detects a radio broadcast originating from proxima centauri the nations of earth discovered. Their first contact with an alien race may also be their last with approximately facing extinction level. Disaster earth must choose between sending a ship on a multi year journey or allowing nature to take its course saving proxima a hard science fiction thriller by travis s taylor and less johnson.

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