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State it's a smaller city it's not a place that many of us think about when we think about mass incarceration but even as philadelphia's incarceration rate dips the joe incarceration rate in lackawanna county which is the county that surrounds scranton has increased by fifteen times between nineteen seventy and two thousand fourteen and so you see this almost mirror of the way that two places within the same state are going in part of it i would say is this public awareness and public invest men in seeing change in the city of philadelphia whereas no one is really holding scranton up and saying you know we we have a problem here there is a sort of stunning quote that i saw in that scranton report so stunning ahead to cut and pasted email it to myself imprinted out and quote there's not a crime problem to speak up when small business owner said just a lot of poverty and inequality there are a lot of drugs a lot of people breaking orders of protection which the police give out like candy that not much violent crime right absolutely the violent crime rate and scranton is twenty seven percent lower than the us average but in that city one and three children live in poverty and so while we may think oh this is happening as a result of crime i think those two facts released starkly show that incarceration is is often a result of much larger economic disadvantage in that scranton report there are some demographics numbers that would blow the listeners minds and it's the one how what is the what is the white popula the percentage of the white population in scranton you may have data in front of you and i don't right now have at top of mind so if you do overwhelmingly white i mean that's the easy transit is like ninety two percent.

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