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So badly that they had to be in retribution. Yeah, that's when they have to wear the stupid masks. And that's my thing would have been so interesting look like a bad. They look like a shity version like Naka version of Slipknot. Oh, it's been a this is the start. This is the pendulum swinging the other way, isn't it now to the point where it's like used to you know, WWE didn't want Indie Darlings coming in using their own names. That's why we have like Finn Balor instead of fergal Devitt or something, then they're like right now we get the prints which is great. But so now like they they said, okay. Well let him use will let him use their names. We got Samoa Joe in here. That's all right, whatever and now after Vince's Cameo bullshit where he realizes that he doesn't own their names Wingers. What if it's only the guys in NXT who are using their real Indian names? What if it's only those and he's like we gotta change them all put them in retribution. But yeah, I just bought it would have been so great if Adam Pierce know cuz they renamed Dominic story, but this is Now, you know how I feel when you fantasy book and I just had a beer it's comes out. You're not here. You're not employees your fucking bad get out of the arena and then they take off their masks and they're like, no you signed us for multiple years. That's it. That's all they had to do. Then you've got five. Well established names of the main roster instead. We get Tea Bar and mace in a flapjack who fucking apparently is now in a Twitter feud with see him Punk because Park poster who baby pug Busta picture slapjack could just said when you're bored and catering and there's an abundance of paper plates because he's wearing too fucking dumb as fuck Casey Jones song snowflake.

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