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Steve Austin, John Cena, John discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


Production from Hollywood California, by way of the broken skull ranch. This is the Steve Austin show. A hell, yeah. Yeah. Now, here's Steve Austin rider but away from Steve Austin show, I occurred. I don't make recharge batteries. But just because I am recharged batteries. We still got business take care up. In the meantime, we'll be playing some of the most requested Steve Austin show classics that have been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it. All right. Thanks, steve. It's producer Sean here. Gonna throw it to a classic episode of the Steve Austin show. Our first of many coming up over the next. Couple of weeks has Steve takes us break this one. We're starting off with episode ninety one original air date, February eighteenth two thousand fourteen and it's none other than John sina the face that runs the place John CENA on the Steve Austin show and to my surprise. So just a quick inside bid. Here. I've only been producing Steve show for maybe the last year and a half. So I was not working on some of these episodes that I am bringing to you. So a lot of these are brand new to myself. I have not actually a chance to hear some of these. And I originally thought that this episode was the Steve Austin show podcast. That was on the dough to be network that Steve did with John. And it is not it is actually an episode of the Steve Austin show wet Steve did on a tour bus with John. I believe it is John's tour bus this is around the time if you remember elimination chamber twenty fourteen it's right before that John just lost Randy Orton at the war rumble, and he's a indie elimination chamber coming up, but the Wyatt's have something to say about that and cause him to be eliminated in the elimination chamber that year John goes on to face Bray, Wyatt at wrestlemainia thirty in New Orleans. So that's the kind of time period. We're looking at here for this podcast. So stick around Steve's go, tell us about some of our sponsors. And after the break John CENA on the. Classic episode of the Steve Austin show. Every car comes with the share stories that Damien you bumper when you.

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Steve Austin, John Cena, John discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

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