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Cigarettes in the next week but like we can find him but then it was like without my other brother there to beat him up. He was like a superhero powerful. You know like he was like i will be superb bad and and was just. I don't even know about like when you get older and you find out like we what happy. Yeah but my oldest brother heated a relief up. I wasn't really. I didn't really drink but my brothers went to college. They went to the same school. So i would go visit them and then they would be like you can drink with us. You know. we'll show you like the right thing. And so the first time ever drank or smoked weed was visiting my brothers and then my oldest brother. I went to visit him during the summer session. And i was in communion. We'd that was fun. Like i love taking fourteen young. We can we please smoke weed and so he thought no maybe it was fifteen or sixteen so he got me weed and then i wouldn't let him borrow my car like a few weeks later and he wrote my parents a letter back. I had made him by me. We'd shots up. My best friend still has not forgiven him. Like she'll see him and be like hi la- realtor the lawyer lawyer. I'm realizing too. So it's sunday. I've said this a million times but it's in thirteen minutes is like game. Twelve minutes no i. It should be the all star game. 'cause we're in a podcast called sports. The thing i've noticed that the internet is consumed by today is an interview. When l'opera yaha and meghan markle. I didn't know this was like we don't have a lot of events left in the internet. Willingly everybody's tuning in to discuss and like the all star games missing a bunch of dudes because we're still in a pandemic. I forgot again. But it's like a like i wonder if making dailies like super into the royal family. I know people are i. Don't judge i'm just not. I told you this break before we got on. I'm now doing a podcast for the lifetime network and we watched harry and meghan lifetime movie this week and so there was a lot that i didn't know like i love a theme for anything. So whenever they're getting married and people are like. Here's a cocktail fascinating. I'm like fun. i'll come get drunk and a hat. Whatever but diana was obviously very devastating to my white mom. And they knew diana like we are diana. And i'm like yes you do not listen more diane. But it like jfk junior diana. I'm like ooh they are in. My mom's family does really upset. But i i. I'm into them being bad and me being on meghan markle's side. Yeah i yeah. I've been loving. Everyone's really mad at bethany frame. Call today and that has been fun. Yes my mom loved bethany. i think I saw a tweet that ended up pretty well. But i really don't remember who wrote it and that makes me feel like a jerk but i'm going to say it anyway. Somebody was like bethany. Frankel always looked like the sane one when she was surrounded by worse it easy to be tricked into being like bethany tells it like she like it is. They got her in the real world. Say something in your. That's not what it is fascinating. That's not what at all but next to ramona singer. It looks like a good person. Like oh and then the later seasons I fell off. Because i was just like a. I don't know. I don't know any of these people are anymore but i bet people started to notice that she's like I dunno she's just people that are two into their themselves. It's never going to work for you like if you're so in yourself you cannot see another person's experienced consider that maybe you shouldn't talk on that issue. In that way. Ethnic problem was that she went through all this stuff and nobody cared and now somebody else is going through it. And she's like the girl from suits instead of recognizing that it's not the girl from suits. It's a person women of color to have made it into the royal family to then yeah right away. Who's about to. Ls by and she's like i she's from suits and now she's famous and it's like okay. I mean that's the exact same ascension to fame. You know you you are an f. Version of her. Her only comes apparently jealous. And like yes girl. I was going to be with harry to you know like we all saw harry not lose his hair like what's up but we're not with hairy so we and bethany is always only being critical of women of color. Yes and so like all girl. She dated megan's ex sedate stuff. Yes he was like no thanks and now she just transparently. Should i could mark all the time. You clearly want. What she's had or has can't have it and that.

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