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Here. Oh i'm sorry she's not. She's at a friend's house right now. Oh that's nice. Could you just give this to her for me. I certainly couldn't thanks. Bye-bye poor kid. I've been taking care of him while his grandma's in the hospital he still wits the bed. And everything kidding. Yeah he's a tender little guy he still gets beat up and whatnot anyway So we still feeling pretty good about this. Thirty two piece set here. Welcome to episode two thirty one of monday morning critic podcasts. That scene you heard coming in was from napoleon dynamite. My next guests had a part in that. And she has a long a strong filmography. She's an absolutely wonderful actor We're going to get into plane dynamiting a moment She has many parts. Which include a lot of star wars animation as captain fatima. We go into that in our interview. Just a really great discussion. But the part that i love most with ellen in it is napoleon dynamite so we're approaching the twenty year anniversary from the pound dynamite. We're probably at like sixteen or seventeen. I believe it's a two thousand four release so you know we're getting up there. We're getting close to that twenty year. monumental kind of university. And you know i. I look at comedies today. And i've been on this tangent before. And i'm not going to go on it again but i mean i am just so hard pressed to find a really good comedy and i'm not talking about episodic shows those seem to be fine right. You have shits creek. You have a bunch of other things those work. But i'm talking about a movie. I think last comedic movie. I gave a chance to was bad trip with Andrei and i just to me. Comedy isn't let's be zany in his crazy as we can. And let's piece a movie together because that's what the jackass guys. Did i mean supposedly bad trip was supposed to have a storyline in a plot. It was a tough ride through Literally through that movie. It was very difficult to watch it. I think if you watch eric. Andre talk show. It's one of the best things i've ever seen on television. So it's like. How do you go from the genius of the eric. Andre talk show too bad trip. It really was a bad trip. I mean it was tough to finish. And i usually don't have very much difficulty finishing movies but i will say that. What makes the pulling dynamite. Really really special is has a wonderful story. it's it touches your heart. You can't stop laughing every freaking character in the movie so likable you walk away feeling really good. I mean when was last time you really felt like that about comedy. Okay you know. Take away the last year because you know. The movie theaters were weren't up to capacity but in a normal movie going year. When was the last time you were at a theaters. Wow that's a fantastic comedy or on netflix. I mean i just for me..

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