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Paul Mary stepping free right circle for tax it Lifts it behind the net for Gigi pajeot He is checked by Roode and cirelli emerges with it Right wing for stamp goes He'll spin it out to Victor hedman Hedman with room to the red line to the left wing pulls up lightning or completing a change So hedman goes to his own zone for Chernobyl two O 5 left in a scoreless first churn act drifts behind the lightning We're going to get away from the pressure in Brock Nelson Chernock now steps up the middle Left wing palate beats point across the bull line left circle Point pulls up Brayden point of the left point is checked Good work by pellet who flips it out to center ice maybe a three on two across the ball and here's Nelson right circle Shotty scores I play started with Adam peck taking the puck away from pointy flipped it out to Brock Nelson who has 31 goals now on the year He finished the right circle shot on a three on two It's one nothing New York Playing both blue lines your own and in the offensive blue line always a very big important part of the game But it was breaking point who did get to the top of the circle I think he's becoming too predictable He turned the puck over there It's a three on one coming back at the lightning or extremely aggressive when they get up ice And there's not much turnout could do other than lay down try to take the cross eyes pass away So Nelson realizes that he's hot He's a lefty on the right wing side He got a beat on the short side and beat vasilevskiy over the glove Right into the top of the net center ice face that one Nick Paul bogosian dumps it in Hegel after a left corner Mitch and islanders have had a capacity to score first and a lot of their games this year another one here today Here's bogosian holding an a clearing attempt at the center point He shoots blocked rebound is going to be hit by Andy green up the middle wall strump fumbled it but he gets it back and clears it to center He nicked it off Hegel's face as he tried to dump it in and finally bounces in off parisi Cal foot the other way with one 12 left in the period Left one Colton across the blind left point A little pass Let's grab my foot down low left corner Want nothing islanders in the first Foot looks to make a play for Colton at the right point Right point foot Right point Colton shoots wide left There's bogosian following up left point Zach lagosian turns at left point to belmar Little pass behind the dead Corey Perry sniffing after it Harry looks to keep it alive He's knocked at the ice by Chara Matt Martin is going to get it but the islanders are going to be called for that trip And we have Perry taking a stick to the face from Chara.

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